Anupama 10th June 2024 : Anupamaa Confronts Aadhya !

Devika is shocked to know that Aadhya had locked Pari in storeroom. Anupama says she is so sure yet. Devika asks her to think about the lady. Anupama says that lady didn’t call again and I don’t understand what Mr. Shah is doing, and worries that Dimpy might get hurt. She tells that she doesn’t know how to get proofs against Toshu and proof her innocence. She says Baa is upset with me, Mr.Shah was singing song to taunt me, as Anuj came and then Shruti got upset, and Ansh has done this. Aadhya calls Ishu and says she was missing them and that’s why called. Ishu tells that Pari was locked in the room. Aadhya asks who saved her? Ishu says Super Nani.

Toshu ties Pari’s hair and asks her who asked her to lock in the storeroom. Pari tells that Aadhya fui. Toshu says this means she had locked you there. Pari says Aadhya fui will not do this, as she has protected me during the shoot out and saved me from getting bullied in school. Toshu says Aadhya is very clever. Kinjal comes there and asks her to go to Ishu and Mahi. She asks why is he teaching wrong things to Pari. She tells him that Aadhya will not do this, and even if she had done then they have to handle maturely. He says he will find out and will scold Mummy. She couldn’t raise any of her children rightly. Kinjal asks why you are taking Mummy’s name. He asks her not to talk in high tone and says this is his father’s house. Kinjal gets teary eyes.

Anuj asks Aadhya why she is straightening her hair, and asks her to apply oil to her hand. She says ok and says she is ready. Anuj says my daughter is looking lovely. He says you have broken the promise made to me, now I will not ask you to promise and will just request you. She says we will not take any relations or relations baggage from here. She says I will behave nicely with them, but just as marriage functions over, our relation ends with them. She says just as we go back, you will marry Shruti. She goes. Anuj thinks he has over expected and says she came just a day back, and hopes she forgets her trauma and return as his Choti.

Babu ji, Titu, Ansh, Toshu and Vanraj bring the breakfast and tea. Kavya, Kinjal and Baa tell that it is uncooked, burnt etc. Baa teases Babu ji. Babu ji says don’t underestimate the power of a man. Anupama and Devika come there. Vanraj asks her to apply the face mask and tells that her face is looking back. Toshu says breakfast is ready and tells that there is no…Anupama says no cockroach, insect, lizard etc. She asks why you both are behind me as if you both love me or if I am so important for you. Anuj and Aadhya come there. Anuj greets them. Babu ji says they made the food today. Baa says it is not cooked well. Babu ji says we will make tasty food in sangeet. Baa says she will get the food ordered. Anuj asks them not to worry and says he will make food with them. Anupama tells that Anuj makes tasty food.

In the kitchen, Anuj assigns the work to everyone. He asks Vanraj to make Aam Panna. Vanraj says you can’t order me. babu ji says Anuj is head chef so they have to follow his orders. Anuj says we had made food earlier. Vanraj tells that they enjoyed a lot. They begin cooking. Baa asks Kinjal, Kavya and Dimpy to let her go, and runs to kitchen. She goes there and sees the messy kitchen. She says my messy kitchen.

Aadhya teaches dance to Pari, Ishu and Mahi. Mahi says you dance well. Pari says like Dadi. Aadhya asks her how is she, as Ishu told that she was locked in storeroom. Pari says she is scared, but fine now. They go. Aadhya says I know that nothing will happen…and says she just want to…Anupama says you want to hurt your mother. She takes her to side and asks how she can do this with any child. She reminds her that once she was locked in the room and was scared. She tells that Pari couldn’t take breath and would have died. Aadhya says you would have saved her like always. Anupama says whatever had happened, it was an accident and shootout also was not done by me. She says I have saved you always. She says I will give my life to save you. She tells that what the kids will think if they come to know what you have done. She says you are no longer my Choti, as you are Aadhya now. She warns her and says if you do anything wrong, then I will slap you, even if you talk bad about me.

Aadhya says I will call 911 to complaint against you. Anupama says this is India. She says even your Papa can’t come between us. She says that day when the accident happened, I had come out and had saved Pari. She says you was inside, and I wouldn’t have saved you if I had not loved you. She says I would have died if anything happened to you, as I love you always.

Precap: Devika confronts Anupama for her feelings for Anuj. Anuj says she loved him always, but he is of someone else. Anuj hears and says he can’t stop loving her. devika asks God to give a chance to their relation.

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