Anupamaa : Ankush Tries to Instigate Anuj Against Vanraj!

Vanraj tells Anuj that he doesn’t know why doesn’t know any other expression than anger. He asks if romance is so difficult. Anuj says its not that difficult. Vanraj asks then why is he unable to romance. Anuj says in this world, men are not allowed to show any other feeling than anger; they are considered weak if they cry by mistake, joru ka gulam/wife’s slave; there is not a text book for women, there is a book for even men; they taunt man to act a man if he cries; people praise him as a loyal son if he presses his parent’s feet and a wife’s slave if he presses wife’s legs or romances her, etc.

He says anyways he is not bothered about the world and is just worried about romancing his wife. Vanraj says it would be weird if he romances after becoming a grandfather. Anuj says he became a grandfather immediately after marriage. Vanraj says he feels jealous of Anuj. Anuj says even he feels jealous of Vanraj as he has his parents and family with him. They both joke and laugh. Ankush gets jealous seeing that. Vanraj says he will make a call to Pakhi and finds her message that she is genuinely studying, but mummy is pestering her repeatedly.

Ladies play truth or dare game. Bottle stops at Barkha. Leela questions her if she loves her husband more or Kapadia surname. Rakhi asks what kind of question is this. Leela says its a simple question and insists Barkha to speak up. Barkha says husband’s family surname. Ankush notices Vanraj in kitchen preparing tea and thinks Anuj is his brother but has befriended arrogant Vanraj.

He walks to Vanraj and asks if he can help. Vanraj says its okay as that’s the only work he knows, he will take Samar’s help if needed. Ankush asks if Samar’s work is going well. Vanraj says its going good with Anuj’s helping him get new event shows. Ankush says Anuj loves Anupama and her children a lot, hence he gave loan to Samar. Vanraj asks which loan. Ankush asks him not to inform about their discussion to Samar and Anuj or else there would be an unnecessary issue.

Barkha says she loves Ankush’s surname more than him. She says since Leela raised this topic, let her explain it in detail. She continues that she used to love Ankush during their college days and not his name or money, but after marriage, like all typical love marriages, all the love faded away; everything went well till Ankush’s father was handling business, but when he passed away, Ankush couldn’t handle business and lost everything; she tried her best to convince Ankush to involve her into business, but he was adamant; she lost respect for Ankush when he didn’t let her try at all and they lost their whole business because of Ankush’s carelessness and stupidity; they had to sell whatever was left and return to India;

Anupama and Anuj know everything, they are living on Anupama and Anuj’s favors now; she has an ill fate that her brother snatched everything from her earlier and now lost again because of Ankush’s stupidity and ruined Sarah and Adhik’s future. She says she is an MBA graduate from USA top university, but Ankush didn’t understand her at all; she feels happy seeing Anuj loving Anupama so much; she didn’t get anything from her husband except a surname Kapadia and hence she loves this surname and is staying with Anuj for same, etc.

Vanraj asks Anuj and Samar about 10 lakhs rs loan Samar took from Anuj. Anuj asks who informed him about it. Vanraj says that doesn’t matter, why didn’t Samar inform him. Anuj says he is Samar’s buddy, even Vanraj would done same. Vanraj says he knows he doesn’t have so much money and Samar must be really in need of money or else he wouldn’t have taken loan, why didn’t he inform him about it though.

Samar says because he would feel bad. Barkha continues her ordeal that she used to fear if she would be having a roof over her head next day, she used to get a fees reminder from Sara’s school daily, she used to avoid parties giving lame excuses, etc; people spend life with love, but her life is miserable and she is just worried for Sara and Adhik’s future, etc. She breaks down. Anupama comforts her.

Samar says Vanraj would feel helpless for not helping him, there were Kinjal’s delivery and other responsibilities, he had to file an important tender and needed money and hence he took it, he is honest like Vanraj and wanted to do something on his own, he wants to share family’s responsibilities from here on. Anuj says Samar repaid 1 lakh rs already; he had promised Vanraj that he would never try to become Vanraj’s children’s father, but he can be their buddy; he is a businessman and doesn’t invest in a loss making business, Anupama doesn’t know about it and he doesn’t want anyone else to know about it.

Hasmukh says there can be money exchange in relationship but not greed. Vanraj emotionally thanks Vanraj and says Anuj had many chances to degrade him, but he only supported him. Anuj says its okay, chill. Ankush stands jealous seeing his plan failed.

Adhik and Pakhi dance romantically on Dheere Dheere Se Tera Hua.. song.. All ladies comfort Barkha. Anupama says love is like air which is invisible but present, Barkha and Ankush are still together means still there is love left somewhere between and she needs to explore it. Kavya and Dolly say if she tries, everything will be alight between Barkha and Akush. Barkha thanks them all for being supportive, apologizes Leela for commenting on her. Leela also apologizes her for commenting on Barkha. Anupama continues her speech. Rakhi says lets forget everything and cheers.

Precap: Rakhi insists ladies to visit sunset point. They all are shocked to see Pakhi and Adhik paying room bill at a reception.

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