Anupamaa : Anu Takes a Stand For Anuj !!

Samar gets Anuj’s call that Rohan is with him. He rushes to Anuj to Nandini. Toshu hears Samar and takes whole family along. Vanraj angrily holds Rohan’s collar. Anuj asks him to calm down and listen to Rohan. Rohan apologizes Nandini for his mistake and deletes her photos; he says uncle made him realize the value of love; he was about to make a big mistake and harm Anu, but Anuj uncle stopped him. Anu is shocked to hear that. Rohan explains that he tried to attack her twice, but Anuj uncle stopped him and explained him the value of love. He apologizes whole Shah family and requests not to go to police. Anuj also warns him to remember his words. Rohan walks away.

Nandini thanks Anuj. Samar excitedly says he knew when Anuj is around, everything will be fine. Kavya asks what exactly happened and why Rohan wanted to attack Anu. Samar says because of his foolishness and explains his fight with Rohan. Toshu shouts he made such a big mistake and instead of informing him went to Anuj. Samar says if he had informed them, Mr Shah would have blamed mummy. Toshu asks what if Anuj had harmed mummy. Samar asks how could he when Anuj was around.

Bapuji thanks Anuj. Devika praises Anuj for solving problem so easily. Anu thanks Anuj next for saving Samar, Nandin, and now her. Anuj says no need to thank him, in fact he would have informed them beforehand if he knew Samar didn’t inform them about it. Vanraj says there is no complaint on him, he became hero for his children instead. Anuj says even Mr Shah would have done same if Samar had informed him. Vanraj says if he had. Bapuji says all is well that ends well, evil lost and goodness won. Mamaji jokes if didi/Baa lost.

Baa thanks Anuj for helping her family and says this festival mandap belongs to locality and not them and hence locality people will humiliate him if they see him, so he should leave. Anuj says she is right, he finished his work and apologizing if he has crossed any limits leaves with GK greeting them Jai Sri Krishna. Host announces next dandiya competition. Whole family walks away.

Vanraj warns Anu that he will not tolerate Anuj taking his place in his children’s lives. Anu says Anuj is not doing anything, he himself didn’t come here and came on Samar’s invitation, so its Samar’s mistake and they are at bigger mistake that their children are discussing their problems with them; if children don’t find a father supportive, they discuss their problems with their friends. Vanraj says Anuj can befriend, but not try to act as father; she should explain Anuj that Anu’s children’s father is still alive.

Anuj scolds GK that he always insists to meet Anu’s family during festivals, but they are uncomfortable with their presence, so he has decided that he will stay away from Anu’s children and family. GK tries to calm him down. Devika confronts Anu for letting Baa humiliate Anuj and kicking him out of mandap. Anu warns her not to speak ill about Baa. Devika says she is not; if Baa was born 3 decades before them, it doesn’t mean she is always right; that woman has some serious issues and elders are not always god. Anu says they are.

Devika asks what about Anuj; she describes all his favors and bearing Baa and Vanraj’s taunts instead; says Anuj following his friendship, but them not; says nobody including Ravanraj will tolerate humiliation, her family is unaffected and will enjoy the festival, her Baa is a supari killer who is determined to kill Anuj’s happiness. Anu warns again not to speak ill about Baa. Devika says she is not and is talking about thankless Anu and her family who used Anuj and kicked him out; Anuj saved Anu’s life, but Anu didn’t save her friend’s dignity; Kavya also used to attend family function before marriage, but nobody had problem; then why can’t Anuj attend function. Anu says he can. Devika asks then why didn’t she oppose psycho Baa; without Anuj’s help, Samar would have been in jail, Anu in hospital, Nandini in US, and Baa in coma; Anuj followed his friendship, but Anu didn’t. Anu stands silently remembering Devika’s confrontation.

Back in festival pandal, host announces best jodi dandiya competition. Kavya wishes Vanraj all the best and says lets win this. Baa asks Bapuji if he is ready to win. Bapuji says she can’t win today, she is elder by age and would have been elder by thought also, with her today’s heinous act, this win will not matter. Anuj starts his car. Anu stops him. He gets nervous seeing her and asks if something happened inside.

Anu says its dandiya competition’s final best jodi round, jodis can be of husband wife, boyfriend girlfriend, and even friends; asks will he play dandiya with her. He surprised asks if she is asking him. She says people will play to win, but they will play to enjoy. He asks if she is sure. She says yes. He says he can’t. Back in mandap, Shah family continues to enjoy, Samar and Nandini thank Anuj’s help. Baa thinks good Anuj left or else ladies would have gossiped about Anu and Anuj.

Bapuji feels disgusted. Baa and Vanraj frown seeing Anu bringing Anuj and GK back. Devika feels proud of Anu. Anuj remembers denying to accompany Anu as he cannot see her being humiliated. She requests him to stay back to stop her from feeling guilty and let her follow friendship. Out of flashback, Bapuji taunts Baa that she cannot win today.

Precap: Baa humiliates Anuj again and orders him to get out of their lives. Anu says Anuj will not go anywhere, they should end their wrong thinking like ravan and makes Anuj perform ravan dahan.

Update Credit to: MA

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