Anupamaa : Anuj & Anupama Attacked !

A goon boy clicks Dimpy’s photo. Dimpy angrily asks why did he click her pic. Boy passes lewd comments. Anupama warns him to delete pic. He misbehaves even with Anupama. Dimpy tongue lashes him for misbehaving with women. He gets angry and tries to molest her. Anupama calls Anuj. Anuj with Nirmit runs to them and trashes boy for misbehaving with women and says women are devi and should be respected.

Dimpy says one who doesn’t respect women is not a man. Goon’s friends apologize and take him aside. Anuj leaves from there. Nirmit asks them to stop at the nearby stop. Anuj says he can drop them to a safer place as goons may trouble them again. They all 4 have a long talk about the atrocities done by young spoilt boys and how they encourage evil nature as machoism, etc.

Nirmit and Dimpy apologize them for the trouble they faced and thanks them for their help. Anuj says its okay as they would have done same for their family children or anyone’s children. Nirmat and Dimpy get down at a spot and say they got attached to them in such a short span. Anuj and Anupama talk about bonding they developed, etc. Anupama says this place looks loney and goon boys may trouble them again, so they will drop them to a safer place.

Dimpy and Nirmit say they will reach a nearby bus stop before goons come. Anupama gifts Dimpy a handmade hair clip which she made for Pakhi. Nirmit clicks selfies. Anupama and Anuj leave asking them to take care of themself. Anupama feels anxious. Anuj says maybe its a motion sickness and stops car. Anupama pukes and gets back into car. Anuj drives away again.

Goons notice Nirmit and Dimpy and stop their jeep. Anupama says she is still feeling anxious and searches for her purse to get imli goli. She finds Dimpy’s charger. Goons catch Dimpy and Nirmit and trashes Dimpy. One of them tries to molest Dimpy. Anuj and Anupama return and trash goons. Nirmit falls unconscious. Anuj clicks jeep’s pic and get Nirmit in car. Goon hits Anuj and Anupam’s head with an wooden plank, and they both fall down injured. Goons then drag Dimpy away and leave in their car. Anupama regains consciousness and with great difficulty tries to get up.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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