Anupamaa : Anuj, Anupama Aur Ek Mulaqat !

A jeep stops just before hitting Anuj’s car. Anuj gets angry and tries to get out of car to teach jeep owners a lesson. Anupama, afraid, tries to stop him. A few men peep out of the jeep and point gun at Anuj. Anuj hides his face in fear. Pakhi shifts to Nandini’s house as Shah family’s neighbor. Adhik tells her its not groovy to shift there, he had selected a few houses and would have shifted there.

Pakhi says he should be happy that she can visit her family anytime and can pay less rent with no brokerage. Adhik doesn’t get convinced. She says they won’t shift from here and would enjoy their honeymoon period. Adhik hopes she has shifted here for her family and he wouldn’t tolerate if she has any other intention.

Goons laugh after recoding Anuj’s panicked video and say he will be viral with video. They drive away. Anuj gets more angry and says social medial has spoilt everyone. Anupama says young kids have gone mad such for a few followers. Anuj comforts her and says it was their prank. He says she was right that his shortcut idea is risky and they should have gone via main road. Anupama says he should always listen to his wife. They start driving again.

Leela fumes over Pakhi’s arrogance and shifting as their neighbor to trouble them. Hasmukh says its okay as child would need their help. Leela says Pakhi would make their life a hell. Vanraj asks her to stop yelling at Pakhi and says let Pakhi stay in front of them as neighbors and warns everyone not to stop Pakhi if she visits them. Adhik calls Leela and apologizes her for Pakhi’s behavior. He says she may feel that he is trying to impress her, but he really didn’t want to shift there and assures there won’t be any problems from their side. Leela says a person whom they considered as monster turned out to be a saint and their daughter turned out to be a evil, Adhik would realize his mistake once Pakhi’s tantrums start. Kinjal and Kavya fear Anuj and Anupama’s reaction once they return from vacation.

Toshu comforts Pari. Kinjal looks at him. Kavya notices her and says she knows Kinjal is worried that Toshu doesn’t go to job, she should speak to him as a family member and convince him to take up any job. Anuj and Anupama notice a newly married couple seeking lift. They both trust the couple and stop car. A talkative girl introduces herself as Dimple and her husband as Nirmit and requests for a lift. Anuj asks where they want to go.

Dimple says Nirmit’s village as their bus broke down and they took a shortcut. They continue to talk. Anupama asks if a jeep didn’t pass before them with abusive boys. They say they didn’t see any jeep and request to stop any taxi or vehicle if they find any and start walking again sadly. Anupama thinks where did the jeep go. Anuj says its good those jeep boys didn’t find these youngster or else they would have troubled them.


Kinjal walks to Toshu and says he should work again to support his family. Toshu says he doesn’t want to face the world and would take care of Pari while she works. Kinjal says he should work for this family at least. Toshu says he can’t focus at work at this time. Kinjal offers him to work under her if he doesn’t want to work outside and face the world. Anuj and Anupama stop their car and let the youngsters get into their car. They both thank them and request to drop them where they can find a taxi or a bus. Anuj recites poem in this mind. Toshu agrees to work under Kinjal. Kinjal says she has a video conference now and will discuss about it after some time. Toshu tells Pari that he can do anything to regain Pari’s mummy’s trust again.

Dimple and Nirmit talk about their marriage and love story. Anuj talks about his and Anupama’s love story. Dimple says their love story is nothing in front of our love story. Anuj says when love is true, destiny unites them at any cost. Dimple describes how they fell in love and their families opposed, so they had to run and marry. Anupama recalls Pakhi’s wedding.

Dimple says family didn’t leave any option for them and didn’t understand their love, so they married against family’s wish. Anupama says they should have convinced their family, its wrong to go against their family. She then apologize for commenting on their personal lives. Dimple says she is right and continues talking.

Precap: Anuj and his group stop at a dhabha for food where abusive boys trouble them and later attack them on road.

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