Anupamaa : Anuj Dreams of Anu ; Vanraj & Kavya Grow Distant

Baa and Bapuji’s wedding anniversary celebration continues at Shah House. They all dance on Tumse Milke Dil Ka Ye Haal Kya Karen… song. Vanraj gets a call and he asks to deliver packet only to him. Anu notices him. Kavya speaks to him, but he ignores her. Anuj imagines dancing with Anu. He gets someone’s call and thinks why did he/she call after so many years, anyways its Anu’s important day and he shouldn’t spoil it.

After sangeet, Bapuji feeds kheer to Baa and she shies. Mamaji jokes. Anu offers kheer to Vanraj. Vanraj offers his bowl to Anuj and asks Kinjal to bring another bowl for him. Anuj enjoys kheer. Vanraj says Anu prepares tasty kheer and asks how is his work going. Anuj says its good, Anu’s restaurant is his dream project. Vanraj says he will visit their restaurant for sure and will not create any drama. Anuj thanks him. Kavya gets jealous seeing that and thinks Vanraj changed suddenly, he is going away from her and near Anu back again.

Samar tells family he will prepare cold coffee for them all. Baa stops him and scolds Nandini to prepare it as men shouldn’t work in kitchen. Anu asks why can’t boys work in kitchen, there is no rule like that. Samar backs Anu and goes to prepare coffee. Nandin excitedly asks Baa and Bapuji if its their 50th wedding anniversary. Kavya asks why is she so excited. Nandini says protecting relationship for 50 years is a great achievement and asks them to give tips to her and Samar. GK says why relationships of their generation last long.

Samar returns and says he cannot prepare coffee as mixer is not working. Kavya says they should buy a new one. Bapuji relationships of their generation worked long as they knew to refix things, so even a scooter used to work for 40 years. Kinjal says there is one more aspect to it, women were not independent and used to tolerate husband’s nonsense. Baa says they were taught same and even song used to be like Bhala hai bura hai jaisa bhi hai mera pati mera devta hai.. Anu says their lives used to end by understanding that husband is not a god but human.

Toshu comments even wife is not a god but human, they glorify wife as Laxmi and devi; when husband is not god, even wife is not and if they are not compatible, they should divorce. Samar asks why should they think negative, compatibility in their hands; they have a 50-year-old arranged marriage, 25=year-old arranged marriage, a young love marriage, and a lovely young arranged marriage. Kinjal says for her, marriage is a buffet dinner where there is love, fights, arguments, etc., and it depends on them what they serve in their plate as there is love between fight somewhere and fight between love somewhere else.

Vanraj looks at Kavya hearing that. Anuj adds relationships break into bits daily and they have to refix them daily; they usually take in their partner for granted, earlier they love their company and later they try to avoid them, love is walking along and they should make sure their partner keeps smiling and like they preserve their precious jewelry, they should preserve their relationships. Mamaji asks how does he know when he is till unmarried. GK says he has seen many marriages. Toshu says these words are good to hear and not practical, he feels one should think 100 times before taking a marriage decision. Vanraj says if they didn’t at the first time, they should for the second time.

Pakhi says seeing all the marriages around her, she doesn’t want to marry at all. Nandini asks why is she saying this. She says mummy papa had an arranged marriage for 26 years and were not compatible, papa and Kavya had love marriage and fight, Kinjal and Toshu had love marriage and even then fight. Toshu suggests Samar to think well before marrying. Vanraj says marriage is not wrong, but marrying a wrong person is wrong; when there is his and Anu’s example, there is also Baa and Bapuji’s example. Baa says they are together since 50 years. Kavya asks what kind of bonding is it, will Bapuji forgive Baa after what she did.

Bapuji says he cannot overpower Baa’s one mistake over their 50 years of love, even he must have made mistakes and she should have forgiven him, hence even he should forgive her mistakes as long as she accepts it. Anu says if they cannot adjust, they should move on, etc. GK says he didn’t marry, but suggests Anuj to marry; he brought many alliances, but Anuj has. Mamaji says even he wants to comment and forgets. Bapuji says marriage is a long journey where they get tired sometime and hence they should rest for sometime and keep on moving, they should keep their heart open and protect their trust.

Precap: After marriage, during family photo session, Kavya pulls Anu away and says she was an outsider during Anu’s marriage and now Anu is.

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