Anupamaa : Anuj Fears Losing Anupama !| Anupama Stuns Anuj

Samar tells Anu that its awkward for a son to speak about this issue with his mother, but he has to. He says Anuj didn’t cross his limits either now or 26 years ago. Anu remembers all the moments spent with Anuj. Anu says he didn’t do right. He says even she had one-sided love with Mr Shah, even he had one-sided love with Nandini, was he also wrong; loving anyone without expressing it for years is penance and penance can never be wrong.

Samar says Anuj loved her with 1000 times more intensity than she loved Mr Shah; she had a name for her love, but Anuj didn’t have any name or voice, even then she is saying Anuj’s love is wrong; Anuj got only loneliness, even then he didn’t write her name fearing someone will read it; he thought she loved Mr Shah immensely, but Anuj’s love is more immense; Anuj’s love cannot even be given example; he must not have sought his love from god or else god would have to accept his prayers.

Vanraj takes Baa’s blessings before leaving for Surat and warns Kavya not to argue with Bapuji in his absence. Kavya asks not to point at her. Vanraj asks Baa also not to trouble Bapuji in his absence. Toshu says he will take care of Bapuji. Kinjal walks away to her room. Toshu assures Baa that he will warn Kinjal that she has to break ties with Anu if she has to stay in this house. Baa curses Anu for Vanraj leaving house on diwali. Kavya says Anu had snatched half of their house, but they got it back with their smartness or else Anu would have shifted with Anuj here to taunt them; Anuj has money power and can do anything to them, so they should take back their karkhana soon. Baa agrees and says she will punish Anu and Anuj.

Samar says she herself says Anuj never misbehaved with her and would have even touched her by himself. Anu remembers flight and hotel incident where Anuj doesn’t let her touch him. On the other side, Anuj regrets his confession at Shah house. Samar continues that they did wrong to Anuj, but he did only good to them.

Anu reminisces Anuj saving Samar and giving her a job. Samar gives his oath and asks her if she felt even for a second that Anuj is wrong. She says no. He says Anuj expressed his love for her only now in 26 years just to protect her and must be angry on himself for breaking her trust and friendship; Anuj has a lot of money, but his one-sided love was his only wealth which he bet for her and got ready to sacrifice her to protect her; he loves her immensely as a son, but what Anuj did can never be replaced; Anuj’s love is like Radha Krishna’s love. Anu remembers the incidents.

Anuj tells GK that Anu must have found out everything by now via Kinjal and Baa must have humiliated her because of him; she must be angry on him and herself that she befriended and trusted him. GK says he should forget whatever happened and speak to Anu. Anuj asks how should he. GK says he broke Anu’s heart and she has right to punish him; Anu may get angry or forgive him, but he should speak to Anu.

Samar says love is not wrong and she doesn’t have right to point at it; if Anuj’s love for her is wrong, then Meera ji loving Kanha ji is wrong; she can leave her job and Anu’s company, but doesn’t have any right to punish Anu. He further says Samar and Nandini becomes SaNan, similarly Anupama and Anuj becomes MaAn; their relationship means Maan/respect as Anuj respected her friendship, truth, and everything and its her turn now. He then walks away and prays god to protect Anu and Anuj’s friendship. Anu remembers his words and all the incidents with Anuj. Next morning, she draws rangoli with a cheerful song playing in the background and then gets ready for work looking at MaAn hastag.

Precap: Anu thanks Anuj for loving her immensely and extends a friendship hand. He gets happy hearing that.

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