Anupamaa : Anuj Fights Against the Goons!

Nirmit tells Anupama and Anuj that his family didn’t accepted his and Dimple’s marriage 2 days ago, he got a call from his parents who informed about his sisters wedding and decision to get even their marriage solemnized. Anuj says its good that at least 1 family agreed. Dimple hopes even her family is forgiving like Nimrit’s family. Anupama says they are angry as she hurt them, but she should remember that they love her immensely and must be worried for her. Dimple says she will try to convince her parents. Anuj says she should keep trying. Dimple says they were excited to meet Nirmit’s family, but bus breakdown ruined their plans. Anupama jokes that they need to worry as we will drop them having lassi on the way.

Anuj stops car at a dhaba. Goon boys also stopped their jeep at the dhaba creating nuisance. Anuj gets angry, but Anupama calms him down. Boys laugh seeing them. Dimple orders lots of food. Anupama recalls Pakhi doing same and then wasting food. Nirmit says she can’t finish whole food, so she should order 1-2 dishes and finish them completely. Dimple agrees. Anuj says its good that she agreed or else she would have got 5-page lecture from Anupama. Anupama asks if he needs it.

Anuj recites a poem for Anupama and impresses youngsters. Dimple describes how she decided to marry Nirmit going against her family. Anuj says she did right as he delayed proposing Anupama and waited 26 years for her. Anupama says she will call GK, Little Anu, and Bapuji and find out the situation at home. Goons eye at Dimple and click her pic. Anupama notices their intention on her mobile’s selfie camera. Anuj talks to little Anu.

Samar tells Toshu that he is happy that Kinjal agreed to help him even after what he did and says Kinjal is like Anupama who helps everyone so much. Toshu says he will try his best to lower Kinjal’s burden. They notice Pakhi coming out of her house to get some grocery and fear Anuapama’s reaction after she learns about Pakhi shifting at Nandini’s house. Samar asks why god gives troubles to only good people. They decide not to inform Anupama about Pakhi shifting till she returns.

Goon boys create nuisance. Anuj gets angry, but stays calm seeing Anupama. Anupama video calls Samar and chats with him. She asks about Pakhi. Samar tries to change topic. Neighbor asks Samar if Pakhi shifed as neighbor. Anupama hears that and insists Samar to speak. Samar reveals that Pakhi shifted to Nandini’s house. Anupama gets angry. Samar and Toshu ask her not to worry about Sweety as they will handle her, she should enjoy the trip. Anuj tries to calm her down.

Goon boys continue to create nuisance. Anuj gets angry and says he will teach them a lesson. Anupama stops him. Goons continue to make joke on Anuj. Dimpy says she will go to washroom. Anupama accompanies her. Dimple questions Anupama about Pakhi and says Pakhi will also realize the value of parents like she does now. Anuj tracks goon boys’ moment. Samar and Toshu visit Pakhi’s house and help Adhik when he is about to drop a box. Pakhi asks why did they come when they didn’t speak to her outside.

Samar asks how would they have known that only Adhik is working and Pakhi is just pretending. Pakhi as usually verbally abuses them. They say they came here on Vanraj’s insistence as he was worried for her and help Adhik unpack stuff. Pakhi thinks Vanraj cares for her and would do something, let these idiots/brothers work, why shall she as she married Adhik to enjoy at Kapadia mansion, but Anupama ruined it; she is papa’s princess and princess doesn’t work. Samar notices Nandini’s stuff and goes into flashback. Dimple continues chatting with Anupama. They both notice goon boy sitting outside washroom.

Precap: Goon boy misbehaves with Dimple. Dolly tongue lashes him. Boys attack Anuj and Anupama and kidnap Dimple.

Update Credit to: MA

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