Anupamaa: Anuj Gets Tensed for Anupama ; Shah House Gears Up For Anniversary !

Vanraj angrily picks his pillows to sleep outside room. Kavya tries to stop him. He pushes her away and says she did whatever she wanted to till now and if she tries to spoil his parent’s wedding anniversary, she will see his rage. Anu learns to send e-mail and messages Anuj. She then fixes Bapuji’s wedding sari. Anuj knocks door in a worried tone. She opens it. He enters worried and asks if a thief barged in as she messaged mujhe bachao/save me. She shows her new mobile. He checks and says its a typo. He says he was tensed. A romantic song plays in the background. He sees wedding sari. She says marriage. He gets tensed and asks if she is marrying. She says Baa and Bapuji’s marriage. He asks if they are not married yet and were in a live-in relationship. She says its their 50th anniversary celebration. He relaxes and says he thought its her wedding. She says its okay.

Vanraj lying couch remembers all his fights with Kavya. Toshu also lying near him on next sofa remembers Kavya’s words. Samar noticing them thinks Toshu is Mr Shah’s replica and worries for them. Anuj asks Anu if wedding arrangements will be done by day after tomorrow. Anu says seeing family’s excitement, they will make arrangements by tomorrow itself; even Mr Shah is super-excited. He asks what about Mrs Shah. She says she is same; this wedding is important to clear Baa and Bapuji’s differences. He insists to help and says his GK mummy has taught him even stitching and weaving. She asks how many names he weaved on kerchiefs till now. He says only one, pointing at her. Aaya Mausam Dosti Kaa.. song plays in the background. He helps her fix Bapuji’s kurta while she fixes Baa’s sari. Song continues in the background.

Next day, Shah family decorates house for Baa and Bapuji’s wedding on their 50th wedding anniversary. Baa and Bapuji return from temple and seeing decoration says there was no need for such a lavish function. Children says they are super excited. Anu rushes in and apologizes for being late. Baa offers her water. Anu thanks her. Anu says she will stay back till wedding finishes and asks Vanraj if Kavya will object. Vanraj says she will not. They discuss about performing Baa and Bapuji’s prewedding shoot before their mehandi ritual and continue showing their excitement. GK gets a call and looks concerned. Anuj asks if something is serious. GK says it is.

Anu grinds mehandi for Baa. Kinjal insists to help her. Anu says she will manage. Anu says she is lucky to grind mehandi for her mother. Kinjal hopes even she grinds mehandi for Anu one day. Anu gets serious. Kinjal says even she deserves happiness. Anu smiles back and asks her to go and rest. Kavya walks in next. Anu murmurs she enters everywhere like a horror film heroine. Kavya says she heard it and asks why she is staying at her house without her permission. Anu says if she has any problem, she should talk to her husband. Kavya says he doesn’t even talk to her now and talks only to Anu with broad smile.

Anu says its their personal issue and she doesn’t want to interfere. Kavya yells that there is nothing personal left and Anu barges in their life always. Anu warns that she will come here until Baa and Bapuji’s wedding, so she should chill. Kavya yells how dare she is to insult her in her own house. Anu asks if its her house. Kavya shouts her name is on property papers. Anu says writing name on papers is easy, she should write her name on people’s heart. Kavya taunts that she is becoming poetic in her boyfriend’s company, this will not work in her house. Anu asks if she is not ashamed to grab the house by conning family, she disrespected every relationship and should change before its late. Kavya gets more angry but walks away seeing Vanraj. Anu thinks since when Kavya is afraid of Mr Shah.

Precap: Shah family enjoys Baa and Bapuji’s prewedding shoot and mehandi ceremony. Anuj enters.

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