Anupamaa : Anuj Samar Grow Closer ; Vanraj Berates Anupama

Anupama gives an energetic speech to cooking competition contestants that they should fine tune their talent, do whatever it takes to improve themselves and fulfill their dreams, she and Anuj’s company are there for their help, etc. Anuj claps followed by everyone. Anu says Anuj deserves claps without whom she wouldn’t have reached here, her friend devika because of whom she wouldn’t have got out of house, her Bapuji who always encouraged her. Contestants thank them. Anu says she read a shayari that a true man is one who respects a woman. Anuj cheers them up and says let us start. Vanraj watches them live via CCTV recording on his mobile. Kavya thinks her is calm and his anger will burst soon.

Samar runs towards karkhana holding Nandini’s letter. Anuj says they need to make contestants comfortable by encouraging them. She asks how. He dances with her on Sang Mere Bol Hadippa.. song. Kinjal, Devika, Bapuji, and GK join them. Samar reaches karkhana. Anu notices him and asks what happened. He shows her Nandini’s letter and explains. Anu assures him not to worry, they will find Nandini.

Anuj hearing them says they will find Nandini and leaves with Samar asking Anu to take care of compeititon. Anu calls Vanraj who is busy with grocery vendor and disconnects call saying he will call her back. She thinks of informing Bapuji, but stops seeing him busy helping contestants. Samar panics before getting into car. Anuj comforts him describing his own experience when he lost his love and says he and whole family are with him and the will find Nandini at any cost.

Competition time ends. Bapuji asks Anu to call Anuj to judge contestants. Anu says he got some important work and went out. Bapuji asks if everything is alright. Anu says yes and thinks she needs to judge competition alone in Anuj’s absence. She tastes dishes nervously. GK asks Bapuji why Anu looks tensed. Bapuji says he doesn’t know. Devika announces that results will be announced in sometime. Anu gets Anuj’s message assuring her not to worry about Nandini. Anuj tells Samar that he need not worry as his men are searching Nandini.

At home, Kavya notices Rohan’s name still in her friend list. Vanraj asks who is Rohan. Anu enters saying Nandini’s ex. Vanraj asks if Nandini has ex. Anu says she will explain it later and describes whole story. Vanraj questions again. Bapuji says let us discuss about it later and find Nandini first. Vanraj calls Samar, but Anuj picks call and says they are still searching Nandini. Vanraj gets angry and says he need not go as Samar has found another father figure. Anu says she already told him to support Nandini and Samar unconditionally whenever they need him. Vanraj continues arguing.

Samar and Anuj find Nandini unconscious on road. Anuj messages Vanraj that Nandini is found. Vanraj fumes that Anuj is not picking his call and just messaged. Kavya asks if Anuj is his girlfriend to pick call, its important that her niece is found. Anu backs her. Kinjal thanks god and says Anuj is a nice guy, he earlier brought Samar home and now Nandini.

Baa comments even rickshawala brings them home, that doesn’t mean the will perform his aarti. Bapuji says why not if he helps them. Samar and Anuj bring Nandini home. Family rushes to her concerned. Anu feeds her water and asks why did she do this. Nandini says Rohan doesn’t understand, so she thought of this step. Kavya asks why she is a dilapidated state. Nandini says Rohan tried to kidnap her in his car, she ran away and fell unconscious on road.

Vanraj shouts at Anu and blames her for this situation and says if she had informed him earlier, children wouldn’t have been in this situation. Anuj gets angry, but controls himself. Anu says she tried to inform him today. He shouts she didn’t before. Samar says he and Nandini had stopped mummy from informing him. Vanraj says he made his father a stranger and gave his place to someone else.

Anuj says its not Samar’s mistake. Vanraj says its their family issue and he shouldn’t interfere. Anuj apologizes. Nandini says its her mistake that she didn’t inform family about Rohan fearing their reaction, especially Baa’s. Samar says mummy shouldn’t be blamed for their mistake. Bapuji asks Anuj to have a seat. Samar hugs Anuj and thanks him. Anu asks him to think again before helping as he made endless favors that thank you is a small word for it.

Precap: Anu tells family that they will end Mahishasur tomorrow on dussehra who has come as Rohan this time. Rohan and Samar fight. Anu senses it.

Update Credit to: MA

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