Anupamaa : Anupama Apologizes ; Vanraj Berates Anupama

Anupama returns home crying with Kinjal and Anuj. Vanraj insists Anupama to speak what happened. Anuj says Kinjal and her baby are safe and says one who nothing will happen to someone who has a protective blanket of blessings. Ankush asks then why are they crying then. Anuj says one mother is crying as her baby is safe and another mother is crying due to guilt of not protecting her daughter.

He comforts Anupama and says everyone has an unrealistic expectation from a mother, a mother blames herself if the baby falls ill or gets hurt a bit. He tells Anupama that a mother place is already almost closer to god, but a mother cannot alone set everything right. He tells Kinjal that whatever happened was scary, but everything is fine now and she should stop caring. Hasmukh also comforts Kinjal.

Anupama apologizes Kinjal. Vanraj angrily asks her to keep her sorry to herself. Anuj warns him to dare not speak in high tone with Anupama. Vanraj asks what will he do then. Ankush warns him to behave with his brother and wife. Anuj asks Vanraj to calm down and says he can understand his situation or else he wouldn’t allow anyone speak in high tone with Anupama.

Vanraj says they won’t understand his state of mind and ridicules Anupama for failing in her responsibility. He says she didn’t forget even a spoon when she was a middle-class bahu and now as a rich bahu, she failed. Anuj says Anupama is his pride and he wouldn’t tolerate anyone trying to insult her.

Vanraj continues shouting and blaming Anupama for failing to protect Kinjal. Anuj says he gets an attack every 2-3 weeks to fight unnecessarily and today when he didn’t get any issue, he created his own story and is fighting with Anupama. Vanraj shouts again. Anuj shouts back. Hasmukh asks them to stop shouting in front of Kinjal and says Anuj is right that its not Anupama’s mistake.

Anupamka comforts Kinjal and tries to take her to room. Vanraj stops her and says his grandchild came to meet its grandmother, but rich Anupama Kapadia stays here and hence he will not let his children or grandchild visit Anupama’s house. He tries to take Kinal away. Kinjal requests him to let her stay with Anupama. Anuj asks Toshu also to stay back with Kinjal. Anupama apologizes again. Vanraj gives an ultimatum that his DIL should reach his home safely tomorrow morning and leaves from there with Hasmukh, Samar, Pakhi, and Kavya.

Vanraj rashly drives his car. Kavya and Pakhi feel concerned. Samar in a cab tells Hasmukh that Vanraj will create more drama with Leela once he reaches home. Hasmukh says Vanraj is afraid like a child who is losing his toys and wants to protect it. Anupama comforts Kinjal.


Barkha brings milk for Kinjal and apologizes her for what happened. Kinjal also apologizes her on Vanraj’s behalf and says Vanraj was afraid like them and hence overreacted. Barkha asks her to call her via bell if she needs anything. Toshu asks her not to worry as they call mummy instead of ringing the bell. Anupama feeds milk to Kinjal and asks her to rest. Toshu asks Anupama to go and rest and let him take care of Kinjal. Anupama prays god to take care of Kinjal and leaves.

Anupama walks to living room. Anuj asks her if Kinjal and baby are fine. Anupama says Kinjal slept. Anuj asks if she is fine. Anupama asks how can she be fine. Barkha says Kinjal souldn’t have come here as she is heavily pregnant and needs to be very careful, especially in a crowded place where there they are partying. Anupama says she is right, but Kinjal came here on her insistence.

Barkha says last 3 months of pregnancy are very crucial, they should let her go home. Anuj says Barkha is right, says Anupama wouldn’t have forgiven herself if something had happened to Kinjal and Vanraj would have created more ruckus. He criticizes Vanraj’s behavior and says he can understand Anupama’s children’s visit here, but who is Vanraj now to visit her house and create a drama here, etc. Barkha recalls Anuj’s kind behavior towards Vanraj earlier.

Vanraj returns home fuming and drinks water. Kavya signals Pakhi to calm him down. Vanraj asks Pakhi if she ashamed to return to her father’s middle-class house. Kavya asks him to calm down as Pakhi is a kid. Vanraj says she wanted to party and took Kinjal there, but she didn’t listen to him. Pakhi says whatever happened is not Anupama’s mistake. He shouts at her to shut up.

Barkha tells Anupama that Anuj’s reaction is right, Vanraj shouldn’t have shouted at her and created unnecessary drama; she fears that Vanraj would often visit here with children and create drama often. Anuj says Kinjal is their dear one, but it’s better if they drop her back home.

Precap: Anuj asks Anupama to stop defending Vanraj repeatedly and stay away from Shah family for sometime as he cannot let Shahs misuse her goodness. Anupama says she will not let elder’s fight affect children’s lives.

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