Anupamaa : Anupama Confused About Anuj

Bapuji tells Anupama that she and Anuj both have rights to be happy, nobody can love her like Anuj does and is a god’s gift for her, he could see what she couldn’t, her and Anuj’s love is like Radha Krishna’s love, Radha Krishna couldn’t meet in that century, she should let them meet in this century at least. A Radha Krishna idol procession passes by. Bapuji prays Kanhaji to fulfill his daughter’s life with happiness and asks Anu to accept Anuj in her life. Anu walks along procession. Anuj joins her. She looks at him. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.. song plays in the background. She looking at him remembers his care for her and accepting that he loves her. He asks if she is fine, he knows there are a lot of issues, but everything will be fine over time; she should look at the brighter side and see that her family is back under same roof again;

Bapuji and Vanraj will take care of family, so she should take care of herself and be happy as his world gets sad when she gets sad; they couldn’t see clearly due to smoke and now can see everything clearly. He asks if she will come with him or stay with family. She says yes. He opens car door for her, and she walks in. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.. song plays again. He starts driving car. Vanraj imagines becoming rich, reporters interviewing him and asking how did he build such a big empire in a short span. He determines to become rich and take revenge. Anuj drops Anu home and asks her to rest well as they have an important business and marketing team meeting which she cannot avoid and if possible should reach office early tomorrow. She nods yes. He drives his car away while Dil Hai Ke Maanta Hi Nahi.. song plays in the background.

Baa cries holding Bapuji’s feet and pleads for his forgiveness. Bapuji ask her to get up or else her knee pain will exacerbate. She sits next to him and says she was taught since childhood that husband is god/parmeshwar and she ignored that teaching and insulted him, he should punish her but forgive her. He says Kanhaji gave her punishment as she was ruling over the house sitting on a swing, but now her bahu will rule over her; she always humiliated Anupama; he returned back home for Vanraj’s sake, but he doesn’t want to stay this house.

She says she disrespected her bahu and realized her value. He asks her to go and sleep now and walks away. She continues pleading her and falls down unconscious calling Anupama. Anupama gets Samar’s call and rushes towards Shah house. Vanraj notices him and asks what is she doing here at this time. She asks if he doesn’t know about Baa and rushes to Baa’s room. Doctor checks Baa and says her BP shot up due to stress, she will be fine if she rests. Baa opens eyes, tells Anu that she wants to talk to her, and asks Kavya to go out. Kavya says she is a family member and Anu is an outsider. Vanraj asks not to argue and go out. Kavya walks out fuming.

Anuj recites a shayari remembering Anupama. Baa apologizes Anu for insulting Bapuji and making whole family cry. She says since she got her conscience, she served Thakurji and gained punya, but with one paap/sin all her punya is gone. Anu asks her to forget everything like mamaji does. Baa says she will if Anu accepts her one request.

Precap: Kavya sees Anu lighting home temple lamp and asks how dare she is to do that in her house. Anu says she lit just a lamp, but Kavya lit her whole household. Kavya warns that she will fix a board outside that dogs and Anupama are not allowed inside house. Anu says good she compared her with an animal and not herself. Vanraj tells her that Kavya got out of his heart by snatching the house by trick, he wants to become a loser from winner at ay cost.

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