Anupamaa : Anupama Eases Life for Shah’s ; Maaya Continues Her Efforts to Win Anuj !

Anupama prays god to keep both families, Anuj, and Little Anu happy and get Toshu well soon. Kinjal prays along her and asks why the world doesn’t want her to work and wants to be kitchen always serving the family. Anupama says the world has set up an template for everything and can’t tolerate it if its broken, they call a man as wife’s servant if he helps his wife in kitchen and a man as shameless if she goes out and earns;

Leela also can’t understand her working outside and wants her to be by Toshu’s side always, she should understand that a modern woman is trying to balance between work and family; the should live for the family and themselves; let us hire a male nurse. Kinjal thanks her for reducing her guilt. Anupama asks not to talk like that.

Anuj returns home. Little Anu shows him a carsel made with a cardboard. Anuj recalls playing with cardboard with GK. Little Anu says let us play kingdom game and says she is prices, Anuj a king, and Maaya a queen. Maaya feels happy hearing that. Anupama prepares halwa and jelly for Anuj and Little Anu. Kavya prepares hot chocolate for Little Anu. Anupama noticing her upset asks if something happened. Kavya says a lot happens in this house; they all come into this world with a reason like Anupama came to spread happiness, Rakhi Dave to create mess, Jigneh to forget everything, but Leela and Vanraj don’t know why they are in this world and hence they can never be happy;

she tried her best to be a good DIL, but they don’t value her efforts at all and hence she has decided that she will not sacrifice again for them and will focus on her career. Anupama says everyone knows whatever she did for this house, she adjusted so much and shouldn’t have to compromise more, a few people don’t value other’s extreme efforts and want more. Kavya says its difficult to ge new model assignments and she lost at the beginning of her career itself because of Vanraj.

Dimple returns home from dance academy and offers Anupama’s prepared jelly and halwa to Little Anu and Anuj. They both barge on hawla and refuse to share it with Ankush and Dimple. Maaya brings food for them and stand jealous seeing that. Barkha taunts her and joins them. Anupama gatehrs family in garden and informs that she has hired a male nurse for Toshu as a professional can handle Toshu well. Leela says she will test him for a day and then decide. Anupama agrees.

She gets Little Anu and Anuj’s video call and picks it. Leela asks her to finish their meeting first. Anupama says even this is important and walks aside. Little Anu expresses how much she missed her. Maaya peeps from beind and corrects Anu’s hair. Anuj feels uneasy. Anupama reminds him to pay Little Anu’s tuition fees. Anuj says he forgot and will do it right now. Anupama disconnects call.

She returns to Shahs. Leela frowns and asks if her chatting finished. Anupama says she can have go home and chat if Leela has any problem. Little sits silent. Anupama says as Vanraj’s given routine for Toshu, she has made a PPT and distributed work among family members and shows it. Rakhi says its a professional PPT like in corporate world and praises her newly learnt skills. Anupama says Anuj taught her. After some time, Anupama serves snacks to everyone and informs that she served food to Toshu and made nurse.

Kinjal asks her to join them. Anupama says she will go home now as she finished all her tasks here. Leela loudly shouts she can’t go. On the other side, Little Anu asks Anuj till when Anupama will stay at Hasmukh’s house and wants to visit her today. Anuj says they surely will. Maaya says what if mummy is not here, Maaya is here for her and will prepare something for her. Little Anu says cake. Maaya agrees. Anuj thanks Maaya for doing so much for Little Anu. Maaya says Little Anu is their daughter, who else will help Little Anu than her. Anuj feels shocked hearing that.

Leela refuses to let Anupama go and says things will worsen again if she goes. Anupama says her work finished here. Leela says she took permission from Anuj. Anupama says she is not a stuff to bring wherever she wants to, she has her own brain and can take decision when and where she is needed most; her husband and daughter is most important to her; her Kapadia family understands Leela’s problem and supports her, but she can’t stay at Shahs forever.

Leela says she pleaded so much and brought her here, she came and cut a ribbon and is going back like a heroine. Anuapama says every woman is a heroine of her story and even Leela can become a heroine if she takes up her responsibility; she was playing a side role in this house and now will return to her house as a heroine. Kinjal asks Anupama to go home as they all will manage. Anupama leaves.

Precap: Anupama returns home just before Anuj and Little Anu cut cake. Little Anu informs her about school picnic and insists Anupama to accompany her. Anupama agrees. Anuj says if she breaks Little Anu’s heart this time, he can’t tolerate it. Leela calls her and informs that she has to take Toshu for doctor’s checkup tomorrow. Anupama refuses and says she needs to attend her daughter’s picnic. Anuj says Maaya will go with Little Anu.

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