Anupamaa: Anupama is Distraught ; Vanraj Comforts Anupama

Anupama collapses in hospital waiting Anuj’s ICU room. Vanraj holds her. Samar gets inspector’s call informing him that they caught goons who snatched Anu and Anuj’s belongings and injured them. Samar panics and asks where are they now. Inspector says he doesn’t know. Bapuji hears his conversation followed by GK. They both say nothing will happen to them as they both are with each other.

Anu breaks down explaining what happened and says Anuj cannot see her in pain, he waited for her for 26 years, but now he is part of her life; what if something happens to him, he expressed his love for her in front of everyone, but she couldn’t. He consoles her and says nothing will happen to Anuj, thinks her words reveal that Anuj is more than a friend for her now. He says only good will happen to Anuj.

Anu watches Anuj from glass door. Vanraj first-aids her forehead injury and asks if its paining. She says a lot like she is losing life. Samar requests inspector to find his mummy and Anuj as they are not reachable, hopes they are fine. Toshu sees him crying and asks what happened. Samar says Anuj and Anu are missing, they had gone for sight seeing outside Ahmedabad and were attacked by goons. Toshu asks how does he know. Samar says inspector informed him. Toshu asks why didn’t he inform him before. Samar says he doesn’t like mummy. Toshu says he has differences with mummy, but he is her son.

Doctor informs Vanraj and Anu that patient’s condition is very critical and he may need surgery, so they should finish all the formalities beforehand and sign consent form. Anu asks what kind of papers are they. Vanraj says consent form and reminds she signed one during Bapuji’s surgery. Anu vents out her frustration at hospital and says they should take Anuj to some other hospital. Vanraj controls her and says she should sign the papers as he cannot and cannot call GK here; there may not be a necessity of surgery if god wills, but as a precaution she should sign the form. She signs consent form looking at Anuj. Kal Ho Na Ho.. song plays in the background.

Vanraj calls Samar and informs him that they are in City Hospital, Anu is fine, but Anuj’s condition is critical. Baa feels guilty for cursing Anuj and prays for his life. Kinjal comforts her and says brain surgeries are risky, she need not worry as Vanraj is with Anu. Kavya hears that and panics thinking if something happens to Anuj, Vanraj will bring Anu back here.

She remembers Vanraj demanding divorce and thinks why did he go there acting good, if he is planning a game. Samar with Bapuji, GK, and Toshu rushes to hospital. GK cries seeing Anuj’s condition and prays god not to show this kind of situation to any parents. Baa tells Kinjal that thei4 5 fingers unite when in trouble, Toshu is stubborn like her, but loves his mother. Kinjal says Anuj needs their prayers. Bapuji consoles GK. Vanraj seeing Samar crying consoles him that his friend will be fine soon. Samar says Anuj saved his and mummy’s life and now himself is struggling for life. Toshu consoles Anu.

Precap: Kinjal confronts Kinjal, Pakhi, and Nandini that V is playing a big game. Nandini warns her to keep her dirty thinking in her mind itself. Anuj’s condition deteriorates.

Update Credit to: MA

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