Anupamaa : Anupama Lashes Out at Vanraj !

Vanraj tells Anupama that she used to tell that Anuj is not like him, but every man is like him. He says a woman wants to sacrifice herself for her man, but a man is selfish and just uses woman to his benefit. He continues badmouthing about Anuj that Anuj hated Anupama meeting her children and parental family, but didn’t speak openly; he got a chance when Little Anu left and vented out his frustration; Anuj left her and hurt her like he did once, etc.

He finally says he can’t see her in this condition, so he came to take her back home as a boss and not a guest. Anuj walks barefooted in a dilapidated state, confused. Anupama pushes Vanraj’s hand and says she will not go to his house. Vanraj asks her not to get adamant, the pain her husband gave her.

Anupama says she will conserve even her husband’s given pain but will not insult her husband by sharing it with strangers. He calls her Anu. Anupama warns him to call her Anupama and says he should go and worry for his wife instead and stop badmouthing about her husband. She says she didn’t let his nazar/evil eyes fall on her happiness and will not let his nazar fall on her sorrows.

She says her husband is deeply hurt and it was obvious for him to react, a person breaks down and does mistakes, Vanraj can’t critize him for anything. Vanraj says she should build a temple for her husband and pray his idol, maybe he will emerge in front of her soon. Anupama whether her husband returns or not, why is he bothered; he is just a passerby to him and shouldn’t dare interfere in her life; he may show his concern for her, but it doesn’t matter a bit for her.

Vanraj says he was just.. Anupama warns him to leave from there. Anuj says it is his duty to help her as she helped him when he was in his low phase of life, so she can call him if needed. He asks what will she do if she doesn’t find Anuj, where will she go. Anupama asks how dare he is to think like that, he thinks only negative.

Vanraj says he is just talking practical. Anupama says her god will help her. Vanraj says she should inform wherever she goes as Hasmukh and children get worried for her. Anupama says she will call them. Vanraj leaves feeling frustrated and disappointed.

Pakhi anxiously strolls in Kapadia mansion. Adhik asks where is she going. Pakhi says to her house. Adhik says please try to understand that her sister and BIL needs him. Pakhi says he can stay here and leaves. Adhik tries to walk behind her, but Barkha stops him. Adhik says Pakhi is worried for Anupama, he can’t lethyer alone.

Barkha manipualtes him with her words. He says he completely trusts her intention of saving Kapadia empire and will stay back with her, but right now he needs to go and search for Anuj and Anupama. He leaves. Barkha hopes her dream of taking over Kapadia empire fulfills and Anuj and Anupama don’t return back. Ankush says they will return and reunite for sure.

Anuj and Anupama start walking again. Banjar Hai Sab Banjar Hai.. song plays in the background. Anuj falls down, Anupama and Little Anu’s photo falls from his pocket, his tears fall on it, he picks photo and starts walking again. Anupama murmurs they will meet again for sure howmuch ever they wander.

Anuj gets a panic attack recalling Anupama’s words that he doesn’t love her. His inner voice emerges in front of him who asks why did the issue stretch so much and why did he come till here. Anuj says he himself didn’t come and was dragged here. Inner voice says he forgot the difference between right and wrong, Anupama is right. Anuj asks if he is wrong. Inner voice says raising question on Anupama’s love, insulting her, leaving her alone and walking out of house is wrong.

Anuj asks if his daughter leaving him is right, Anupama dividing herself between 2 families is right, Anupama not trying to stop his daughter is right, if Anupama had left house would have been right as the world thinks only a mother can be heartbroken and not a father. He asks why no one values father’s emotions, a father works hard whole day to feed and upbring his child, shouldn’t that be valued.

Inner voice says he is angry and convincing himself with a fake story, truth is he is angry on himself and not Anupama as he couldn’t stop his daughter and he is venting out his helplessness to his wife. Anuj asks him to go from thee. Inner voice says he should return to Anupama as she is his peace of mind and life. Anuj says he will go far away from Anupama. Inner voice says Anupama stays within him and he can’t go away from her ever. Anuj shouts go from there. A speeding vehicle hits him.

Precap: Anupama walks to Kanta and says her Anuj left her. Kanta says she will not let anything wrong happen to her. Anuj reaches Maaya’s house. Watchman pushes him away. Anuj falls in front of Maaya’s car. Maaya rushes to him worried for him. Anupama senses something happened to Anuj.

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