Anupamaa : Anupama Misses Anuj ; Vanraj Humiliates Kavya Over Anirudh !

Anupama excitedly prepares food for Anuj and Little Anu and arranges it on table. She hides gifts she brought for them and thinks let her see if they can find it. She then goes to get ready. Leela in her usual gives instructions to male nurse and continues to yell sitting for breakfast. Kavya looks at the door repeatedly. Leela asks if she is waiting for someone. Anirudh walks in. Kavya excitedly welcomes him and starts chatting. Leela gets angry and says her old knee pain started again. Anirudh asks if he shall help. He thinks he should go from here and never return, says no. Anirudh takes Leela and Hasmukh’s blessings and asks Vanraj how is he. Hasmukh asks him to sit. Kavya goes to get coffee for Anirudh. Vanraj angrily looks at Anirudh.

Anupama gets ready and eagerly waits for Anuj and Little Anu. Kavya enjoys coffee with Anirudh and asks how is it. He says she and her coffee never change. She smiles and asks how is his business going. He says it couldn’t be better, he hadn’t expected that it would grow so much within a year. Kavya it would obviously happen when one moves out of comfort zone and tries something new. She informs Hasmukh that Anirudh’s company got a best startup award. Hasmukh congratulates him.

Anirudh thanks him and says with god’s grace, he bought a new office and asks Kavya to bring Hasmukh and Leela to his office some time. Irritated and Jealous Vanraj says she should take gardener, vegetable vendor, laundryman, everyone to show Anirudh’s success. Kavya says everyone knows, he can check internet.

Vanraj shouts if she is not ashamed to call Anirudh home. Kavya asks what is wrong if she calls her friends home; she would have understood if she had met Anirudh outside and an issue would have arisen, but she is meeting Anirudh in front of them all. Anirudh asks Vanraj to relax. Vanraj shouts at him to shut up as he is talking to his wife and not him. Anirudh warns him to behave with his wife. Vanraj shouts who is he to advice him. Kavya says he is her friend and ex.

Anupama wears Anuj’s blazer and specs and mimics him. Sanwarloon Sanwarloon.. song plays in the background. Kavya says Anirudh is her best friend and understands her even after being his ex. Anirudh says Vanraj shouldn’t say that ex’s can’t be friends, he knows they were best friends before marriage; though their marriage didn’t work, they will be best friends always and he doesn’t like anyone misbehaving with his best friend.

Vanraj asks at Kavya to kick her ex out of the house. Kavya asks why. Vanraj asks if she is not ashamed of calling his ex-husband in front of his in-laws and husband and enjoying coffee with him, even Anirudh is not ashamed to come here and have coffee. Kavya asks when his ex-wife can visit his house to have coffee and a chat in front of his parents and children, why can’t her ex-husband come; if Anupama’s visit is right, then why can’t Anirudh visit her. Leela asks if she has gone crazy. Kavya asks if she wants to complain that his son doesn’t get love and affection he deserves, her son doesn’t want to talk to his wife and always preferred his over her.

Leela asks if her son should leave his job and romance his wife all the time. Kavya says even her work was important, but Leela didn’t have problem with Vanraj got her out of job; Leela is an epitome of double standards and Vanraj’s biggest problem is he has gone on his mother and not father; their problem is they can’t handle any simple problem and think Anupama is the only solution for all their problems, Vanraj wants share his problems with his ex-wife and not his wife, and when he needs someone to lighten his mood, even she needs someone to lighten her mood. She says when Vanraj could work with his ex-wife, even she will work with her ex-husband, she and Anirudh had made many business plans and will work with him at any cost.

Vanraj shouts she can do whatever she wants to, but this man will not enter his house. Kavya says this is also her house and if Anirudh can’t come here, even Anupama shouldn’t. Vanraj says there is a difference between Anirudh and Anupama, Anupama comes here to meet her children and her parents. Kavya says she knows that, she doesn’t have problem with Anupama but has problem with him, in fact even Anupama’s only problem is Vanraj. Vanraj shouts to stop her nonsense.

Kavya reminds that she also wanted to have kids, but Vanraj firmly refused to have more children; its good that she doesn’t have children or else would have been stuck like Anupama, Leela and Vanraj would have blackmailed her in the name of children. Leela asks why she is talking all this in front of a stranger. Kavya says Anirudh is her ex-husband, she spent more time with Anirudh that Vanraj and he understands her more than Vanraj.

Vanraj says she wants to get Anupama out of this house as she is feeling insecure and fears that she can’t take Anupama’s place. Kavya says he plays such dirty games and not her. Anirudh says he doesn’t know what to say, he can’t understand what Kavya saw in Vanraj, anyways he had come here to talk about work with Kavya, fortunately he is in the same field which Kavya wants to work in. Vanraj says he is not surprised, Kavya is getting close to Anirudh as she needs his now. Kavya shouts his name. Little Anu returns home. Anupama happily lifts and hugs him. Little Anu says she missed her a lot. Anupama says she missed more and asks where is her papa. Little Anu says he is getting bags out of car and runs to washroom.

Vanraj says Kavya wanted promotion and hence had befriended him. Kavya says she genuinely liked him or else she would have befriended their boss Dholakia instead for better promotion, he can’t stop her if she wants do something. Maaya asks Anuj not to inform Anupama about last night’s event as she may not understand. Anupama walks to them and asks what will she not understand.

Precap: Anupama dances on a holy song and throws flowers on Anuj. Maaya also does same. Kavya notices that and warns Maaya to stop it. She warns Anupama that Maaya started loving Anuj being in Anupama’s house. Anupama asks Maaya if its true. Maaya agrees. Vanraj questions if Anuj is clean, then why didn’t he inform about it to Anupama.

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