Anupamaa : Anupama Pleads With Maaya !

Anuj bakes cake for Little Anu in kitchen recalling Anupama agreeing to send Little Anu with Maaya. Anupama says everything will be alright. Anuj says it has to be. He tells Ankush that Anupama is trying, but he doesn’t trust Maaya a bit; he wishes if there was some other option. Ankush says if there was any option, they would have tried it; he discussed with top lawyers and everyone say that child will return to her biological mother.

Anuj breaks down. Ankush comforts him. Anupama walks to Anuj and says Little Anu messaged her that wisheds to meet everyone including Shah family. Anuj says she told that she will stop Little Anu at any cost. Anupama says yes. Anuj says then Little Anu can meet anyone she wants to. Anupama says Little Anu messaged though that she wsants to meet everyone. Anuj asks her to call everyone then. Anupama prays god.

Aftr some time, Kapadias and Shahs eagerly wait for Little Anu. Kavya asks if they are sure that Maaya will bring Little Anu. Dimple says Maaya herself agreed. Samar asks Dimple if Anuj and Anupama’s fight is resolved or not. Dimple says they are talking to each other, though she didn’t speak to them yet. Leela asks to call and check. Anuj calls Maaya and finds her number switched off.

Leela asks what if Maaya fooled them and took Little Anu away. He panics and says he will go to airport. Vanraj says maybe there are not at airport, so he should wait here. Little Anu enters calling papa and mummy. Anuj and Anupama emotionally hug and pamper her. Teri Khushiyan.. song plays in the background. They tell Little Anu that he missed her so much. Little Anu says even she missed them more.

Maaya walks in. Anupama thinks she has to handle the situation and thanks Maaya. Maaya says she couldn’t disrespect another mothr’s request. Little Anu tells everyone that she wanted to meet everyone before leaving with Maaya. She meets each family member, asks Hasmukh to take his medicines on time, asks Leela not to get angry and if she can kiss Pari, asks Pari not to forget her aunt, tells Kavya that she will miss her chocolate milk shake, and tells Vanraj that he looks good smiling and asks not to frown always.

Kavya says they got lots of gifts for her. Little Anu asks farewell gifts and goes with her to check. Anuj asks Maaya why did she do this and pleads to return his daughter to him. Barkha and Leela also plead her to let Little Anu stay with Anuj and Anupama. Maaya says she is not snatching their daughter, but is taking back her daughter; she had a challenge with Anupama that if Little Anu agrees to go with her within 15 days, she will let her go.

Hasmukh says a child can’t stay without family and requests to let Little Anu stay with Anuj and Anupama followed by Barkha and others. Pakhi asks Maaya why did she leave her daughter in orphanage if she wanted her back, its Anupama who gave real motherly love to Little Anu. Maaya says she is not here to listen to lectures.

Anuj pleads her to stay with them forever, but not take his daughter away. Maaya says he had promised to let her stay in his house for a month but didn’t say anything when Anupama wanted to kick her out of the house and gave her only 1 day to stay. Shahs plead Maaya again not to take Little Anu away. Maaya says she will not tolerate their emotional blackmail and will not change her decision.

Anupama pleads Maaya again. Maaya says Anupama’s priorities are her children and she always ignored Little Anu. She reminds the events when Anupama ignored Little Anu for her own grown up kids. Anupama says Toshu needed her and she was helpless. Maaya says even she was helpless to leave her daughter at an orphanage, then why Pakhi taunted her about it; Anupama can’t do justice to her daughter and will spend half a time with Little Anu and half a time with her own children, she doesn’t need a half mother for her daughter.

Precap: Anuj and Anupama perform Little Anu’s farewell and send her with Maaya.

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