Anupamaa : Anupama Sorts Toshu’s Caretaking ; Barkha Suspicious of Maaya !

Anupama tells Shahs that she is here for her son Toshu but not make Adhaar card of this address. She says like Toshu needs her, even her daughter Little Anu needs her; her husband Anuj is the most important to her in the world. She reminds Leela that whenever she used to request to let her visit her maika/mother’s house, LEela used to say that husband’s house is her real house; Leela done PhD in forgetting her words; she is visiting this house even after so much happened and will continue to visit, but will not ignore her husband and daughter; it’s Leela’s problem that she can’t handle her house; she will be here until Toshu gets a bit well and then return to her Anuj. Vanraj says they understand and thanks her for coming.

Rakhi thanks god that Anupama is here and says Shahs were expecting Kinjal to sit besides Toshu all the time. Anupama says nobody forces Kinjal and she herself sits with Toshu, this family equally loves Kinjal with their children. Rakhi says just like Anupama loves her children, even she loves her daughter and is worried for her. Anupama says its time to help each other and stop criticizing; just like its family responsibility to upbring a child, its their responsibility to take care of an ailing child. She continues her knowledge-sharing session and goes to meet Toshu. Rakhi taunts that Shahs suddenly reformed themselves with Anupama’s entry. Hasmukh thinks Anuj may have permitted Anupama to come here, but wouldn’t have liked it.

Anuj searches for Anupama’s note. He gets Hasmukh’s call who says he doesn’t know what to say, its easier to bless a son than apologizing him. Anuj asks him not to say that. Hasmukh says Anupama doesn’t want to come here, but her responsibility brings her here; even Anuj doesn’t want to send her, but morality lets him permit Anupama; he shouldn’t suffer from within and should vent out his frustration; he should consider him as his father and speak his mind out;

if needed, he will come there and chat with him, but he shouldn’t consider Anupama wrong. Anuj gets emotional and disconnects call. Anupama sends an apology selfie to Anuj and cheers up Toshu dancing with the family on an energetic song. Samar says mummy’s presence cheered up Toshu or else he was feeling ill. Toshu signals something.

Anuj comes for breakfast and sees Maaya feeding breakfast to Little Anu. Maaya grins at Anuj. Barkha senses her intentions. Anupama says everyone will share a positive energy with Toshu and change a house’s setting to get the negative energy out. Whole family change furniture position and keeps family busy. Hasmukh praises her. Toshu raises his hand to touch Pari. Anupama tries to give Pari in his hand, but hands falls down. Family encourages him. Anupama makes a baby carrier with a dupatta around Toshu’s shoulder and makes Toshu carry Pari. Family then dance around and keep cheering up Toshu.

Maaya prepares Little Anu’s school bag and asks her to hurry up. Barkha walks to her. Maaya mimics Barkha and says she entered this house for her daughter, trying to manipulate Little Anu, get into Anuj’s good books, and stay here forever. She fortunately or unfortunately she can read people’s minds. Barkha replies that fortunately or unfortunately she can read people and says Maaya not only wants her daughter back but everything and will stay here for forever.

Maaya says Barkha can thinks whatever she can, she knows whatever she is doing, she is trying her best to impress her daughter, her efforts are ignored once Anupama returns, she will garner a praise and respect which Anupama gets. Barkha thinks this woman is more shrewd than thought, don’t know how Anupama will face her. Anupama calls Anuj and asks how is he and Little Anu. He says fine and says he will disconnect the call as she must be busy. Anupama says she is not busy. He says he is busy though. She asks if he got busy for her. He says she got busy instead and disconnects call, leaving Anupama sad.

Precap: ittle Anu informs Anupama that she, papa, and Maaya are playing king, queen, and princess’ game. Anupama tells Leela that her role in this house has finished, she had come here for her son, now she will return to her house for her daughter and will play her heroine role. Maaya prepares cake for Little Anu. Anuj thanks Maaya for doing so much for Little Anu. Maaya says Little Anu is their daughter, who else she will work for.

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