Anupamaa : Anupama Takes Care of Anuj : Badi Vanraj ki Insecurity

Anupama via landline informs Bapuji that she and Anuj are fine and are in some college students’ guest house. Anuj asks her to inform Bapuji that this house is near highway. Call disconnects and phone gets dead. Anu says Bapuji would inform GK that they are fine. Bapuji informs GK same. Vanraj asks Baa to rest, but she with a frowning face denies and decides to wait till Anu returns. Anu and Anuj feel they shouldn’t disturb youngsters’ party. Their argument starts. Youngsters say they fight so cutely and ask them to join their party. They hesitate. Youngsters show their college reunion dance video and sends them to their parent’s room to change their clothes. Anuj returns, and they say he looks like a dude and its wrong to call him as uncle. Anuj says Anuj is fine. Anu walks down in shalwar kameez. Anuj remembers the day he saw her first and its it was 23rd July 1995, 10:3:15 a.m. He recites shayari and enjoys Anu dancing with youngsters. Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar.. song plays in the background. He further imagines sipping cool drinks from her bottle, etc.

Youngsters help their friend Rahul propose her girlfriend Isha. Rahul kneels down and says they were friends and he doesn’t know when he fell in her love, will she be his girlfriend. Isha scolds him and asks who takes so much time to propose, she accepts his proposal and hugs him. He reveals that he saw her first time a year ago and fell in her love. A friend says he was waiting to propose her since that day and hence they planned this party. Anuj remembers his days and thinks if he had shown this courage 26 years ago, his fate would have been something else. He starts sneezing. He and Anu then dance on Pehli Baar Mohabbat Ki Hai.. song. He feels severe headache and stumbles. Everyone gets concerned and asks if he is fine. He says yes. She scolds him and asks youngsters to take him to room while she brings kadha/herbal decoction for him.

Vanraj continues waiting for Anu and notices its already 3 a.m. Anuj gets a high fever. Anu asks youngsters to call a doctor. They say no one will in this storm. Anu says she will feed him kadha and apply cold compresses. Anuj asks youngsters not to spoil thier party because of him and sends them away. Anu forcefully feeds him kadha and says she is here with him. Anuj’s fever raises. Anu asks him to try to sleep. Anuj says he wants to tell her something and says I.. Boy enters and says they are trying to call doctor continuously in vain. She asks to continue trying and turns to see Anuj asleep. Vanraj continues trying Anu’s number and then calls guest house’ landline and asks if he can speak to Anu as he is from his family. Boy says uncle fell ill. Vanraj unable to hear him asks to repeat. Boy says uncle and aunty are resting in a room. Vanraj burns in anger hearing that.

Next morning, Anuj wakes up and sees Anu sleeping on a couch nearby. Meri Dunya Hai Tujhme Kahin.. song plays in the background. Anu wakes up hearing sound and asks if he is fine. He says yes, he doesn’t know how he fell ill. She says he drenched in rain. He thanks her for taking care of her. She asks if he wouldn’t if she falls ill. He says he will never let anything happen to her. She remembers him trying to say something last night. He asks if he blabbered something subconsciously. She says usually people speak truth subconsciously. He says he will book a cab and let company’s servicemen tow his car away. She agrees. At Shah house, Vanraj continues frowning remembering boy’s words that uncle aunty are in a room. Kavya taunts him that his ex-wife is returning after a big task, he should welcome her. He drags chair and sits near main door. Samar remembers similar incident earlier.

Precap: Vanraj humiliates Anu. Anu says enough of respect, agni pariksha is given for Ram and not Ravan/Vanraj. Baa shouts. Anu decides to leave Shah house.

Update Credit to: MA

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