Anupamaa : Anupama Warns Aadhya !

Anupamaa witnessed a gripping drama when Pari found herself trapped in a frightening situation, locked in a store room by Adhya. Adhya, still haunted by the memory of Anupamaa choosing to save Pari first in a past incident, decided to make Anupamaa suffer by endangering Pari. However, Anupamaa managed to rescue Pari and uncover the truth.

In the next episode, Anupamaa will confront Adhya about her actions, realizing that Adhya’s intentions were to hurt her as a mother. She will question Adhya’s decision to put another life at risk in order to inflict pain on her. Anupamaa will remind Adhya of the risks she took to save Pari in the past, emphasizing the importance of protecting loved ones. She will warn Adhya that she will not hesitate to take action if she repeats such harmful behavior and manipulates emotions.

Will Anupama realize Aadhya’s hurt or will we see Aadhya escalating her bad behavior?

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