Anupamaa: Anupama’s Dilemma Thanks to Anuj

Anupama arranges her kitchen in her style and while cooking halwa she interacts with her dance class students via video call and invites them to dance academy. Barkha enters kitchen and gets irritated seeing the mess, according to her.

She scolds housekeeping staff Kamal for keeping the plastic boxes all around instead of cupboard. Anupama says she arranged them as she likes her kitchen this way and considers kitchen as her friend. Anuj with Ankush and children walks in and sings praises for Anupama’s halwa. Ankush joins him.

Anuj says now they have to share the halwa with GK. GK joins them next. Sara asks Anupama if she learnt to operate modern kitchen. Anupama says Kamal bhai taught him. Barkaha asks if she means Kamal. Anupama says Kamal bhai. Anuj says Anupama considers even staff as her family.

Barkha stands frowning. Anupama asks Kamal to look after the remaining work while she serves halwa to the family. Barkha says there is staff for that. Anupama says she likes serving the family.

Samar confronts Pakhi for misbehaving with Vanraj and Leela. Toshu joins them. They try to explain him that her misbehavior towards Vanraj was unacceptable as Vanraj loves her immensely and even her small demeaning words hurt him a lot. She starts crying when she gets a message that Adhik started following her on social media. She thinks let her family think whatever they want to, she will go and stay at Anupama’s house.

Anuj and Ankush enjoy the halwa directly from the bowl. GK joins them followed by Sara. Barkha feels more angry and asks GK to have halwa from the bowl. Anuj says halwa is enjoyed this way and asks GK to continue. Adhik tells Barkha that he never saw Ankush behave childish before.


Barkha signals Ankush to speak. Ankush expresses his wish to join Anuj’s business. Anuj and Anupam are shocked to hear that. Barkha says Ankush means if he can join their family business. Anuj says why not, then says they should ask the owner Anupama if Ankush can join their family business. Anupama finds herself in a tricky spot and sits speechless.

After finishing breakfast, Anupama feels angry on Anuj while packing lunchbox for Anuj and Ankush and thinks she will scold him for putting her in such a tough situation after he returns from work. Ankush tells Anuj that he will handle everything smoothly as he is experienced.

Barkha says he needs to act as an strict boss to get the work done. GK says Anuj is not a strict boss, that is why the whole staff loves him; Anuksh should learn to carry everyone along from Anuj. Anuj asks Ankush to take an advise from GK as even he takes advice from GK. Adhik feels weird and comments that Anuj has a wonderful advisory team of GK and Anupama. Anuj says the best.

Vanraj gets concerned when Pakhi hits her leg to a table while walking and rushes to her. Pakhi says its a punishment for misbehaving with her. Vanraj says she can visit her mother if she wants to and asks her to apply ice on her foot. Pakhi shows him Anupama and Anuj’s party pics in the newspaper. He looks at them and recalls Barkha insulting Shah family.

Anuj exchanges tiffin box with Anupama and reminds her that she needs to work on her hotel project as Devika called and reminded him about the deadline. Anupama notices him tensed and asks reason. Anuj says he is nervous about Ankush joining the business as his father and chacha/uncle did business together and had differencences, similarly he and Malvika had differences.

Anupama says he and Malvika had differences because of Vanraj. Anuj says Vanrfaj wasn’t present between his father and uncle, money separates even dear ones, love unites people and money separates them, families separate not because of getting less love but because getting less money;he is afraid that he and Ankush may get separated because of money.

Barkha helps Ankush get ready for office and says her, Sara, and Adhik are dependent on him. He asks her not to worry as Anupama and Anuj are supportive, he and Anuj will grow Kapadia empire to the new heights. Barkha reminds that her brother took over her father’s business and left her and Adhik on road, they survived because of Ankush; she says she is not provoking him against his brother, but people forget relationships in front of money and hence he should be careful. Ankush says Anuj is not like that and he will not repeat his old mistake. Barkha reminds him that soon he should become Anuj’s business partner on paper.

Ankush joins Anuj. Anupama feeds Anuj sweet curd and boasts his morales. She then feeds sweet curd to Ankush and wishes him all the best. Ankush thanks her for reliving his childhood memories where his mother used to feed him sweet curd. They both leave marching together. Anupama performs their nazar. She gets picks her tiffin and tries to leave. Sara asks if she also works. Anupama informs about her dance academy. Sara and Adhik feel surprised while Barkha feels jealous.

Precap: Barkha suggests Adhik to get close to Anuj. GK hears their conversation. Sara invites Shahs to Anupama’s house. Pakhi feels excited. Hasmukh gives permission while Vanraj refuses.

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