Anupamaa : Anupama’s Udaan Continues; Anu Guides Samar

Anupama takes Nandini to her office to protect her from Rohan and thinks she cannot speak about Rohan with Vanraj now as he has got a big order. She prays god for Samar’s protection. Once she enters her office, she finds GK in a jovial mood enacting as a prince and forces Anuj to enact as king. GK does some jokergiri while Anuj nervously tries to sop him. GK recites shayari like Anuj, welcoming Anu as queen, etc. Anuj feels embarrassed, requesting GK to let Anu work. Anu says she has blessings of a father at home and even at office. GK leaves signaling Anuj. Anu starts working. Anu smiles at her. Batana Bhi Nahi Aata, Jatana Bhi Nahi Aata.. song plays in the background. He remembers seeing Anu, Pakhi, and Vanraj’s family selfie and gets serious and says let us discuss her doubts in cabin. GK signals what happened to him.

Baa gets her friend’s messages that their bahus are insisting to participate in a cooking competition organized by Anu and want to work in a hotel if they win, they cannot let this happen, why is Anu spoiling their bahus, who is Anuj and how is Anu connected to him, etc. Back at Anuj’s office, In the evening after winding up work, Kavya tells Anuj that many women have registered for competition, what if many don’t turn up. Anuj says they will make whoever participates compete.

Anu asks what if their goal is not reached even after spending money. Anuj says its okay as its a business, then asks Devika to drop Anu and Nandini home in her car. She says she didn’t bring car today and asks Anuj to drop Anu and Nandini home. Anu hesitates at first, but then agrees. Nandini informs her that Samar’s flight must have landed by now. Anu says she has sent Sanjay to bring Samar and his friend. They are about to get into car when Pakhi with Vanraj reaches there and says since there is a cab strike, they came to pick them up. Anuj asks Anu to go with her family. Anu greets goodnight, Pakhi says even she will attend tomorrow’s competition. They get into car. Vanraj says he wouldn’t have come if Pakhi had not insisted. Anu says its okay, and he drives away.

Anuj gets into his car and recites shayari. Devika gets angry and says she would have slapped him if he was not her boss, why he is in a sacrificial mood, Vanraj is already married to Kavya, so he should get out his stupidity of letting Anu life her life with Vanraj. Anuj says they are a family of sort. Devika says Vanraj gets a phases in his life when he acts good sometimes, but eventually he will do wrong and will never change; she is sure Vanraj and Kavya will trouble Anu again.

Anuj says if they trouble Anu, they will face troubles by him. She asks what is he thinking. He says Anu considers him only as a friend. She says if one-sided love is wrong, then whole world is wrong as everyone would have one-sided love once in a life; he should think that Anu is Meera and he is Kanhaji, Meera is never wrong. She continues there are 3 phases in love, stalker, lover, and devotee; SRK was stalker in Bazigar, lover in DDLJ, and devotee in Veer Zara; Anuj’s devotion is of next level as he is loving Anu since 25 years, etc. She recites his shayari on social media. She suggests that Anu is single and deserves a husband like him. He gets curious hearing that. She says Anu is great and hence is sad most of the time, so he should keep her happy.

Anu returns home. Baa tells her that her real place is in this house and not with someone else. Anu says she should get her place not only in house but even in Baa’s heart. Baa walks away. Samar returns home and asks Nandini if Rohan troubled her after he left. She says no. Anu says they should inform about it to Vanraj. Vanraj enters and asks about what. Samar hesitates and says he wanted to discuss about his engagement, but he is too tired now. Vanraj agrees and leaves. Samar says Vanraj will start his taunts, so its better they file a police complaint or seek Anuj’s help. Anu says Anuj is her friend and business partner, but Vanraj is Samar’s father and he has first right on his child. Samar says he doesn’t want to talk to Mr Shah. Anu says she will speak to Rohan tomorrow. Samar says Mr Shah is not a superman. Anu say he is his father and he should trust him first.

recap: During cooking competition, Anu encourages contestant with her speech. Later she with Anuj, Kinjal, and Nandini dances on Dil Bole Hadippa…song and stops noticing someone.

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