Anupamaa : Baa Humiliates Anuj; Rohan Plans to Attack Anupama

Dussehra celebration at Shah family’s colony starts. Host announces dandiya competition. Samar waits for Rohan at the venue. Anu prepares to leave home thinking since there is whole family around Samar and Nandini, she needed not worry and Rohan will not come here. Rohan hiding behind her holding an iron rod thinks of harming her to hurt Samar emotionally. At dandiya venue, Vanraj asks Samar to be with family till the event ends. Samar nods yes and walks away with Toshu. Vanraj in Gujrati tells I love you to Kavya. Kavya gets happy and asks him to express his feelings often. He says she looks amazing. She says they should win competition showing prize money. He gets more romantic. Mamaji passes by and jokes. Kinjal and Pakhi comfort nervous Nandini and asks her to be with them. Samar calls Anuj and asks when will he come. Anuj says he is on the way. Samar thinks of checking on Anu. Vanraj stops him and says she must be busy with some work.

Anu leaves for dandiya venue. Rohan is about to hit Anu from behind when Anuj walks in and he hides. Anu asks what is he doing on road. He says Samar had invited him, GK is already in and if she doesn’t want him to attend function, he will go out from herself before anyone notices him. She says his respect increases with his concern for his friend and says if he has come, he should attend the event. He asks if she is sure and tries to inform about security arrangements for Samar’s safety when host announces ladies’ dance and Anu walks in. Baa dances with other ladies on Chudi Jo Khanke Haathon Me.. song. Rohan waits for Anu to harm her. Anu greets GK at a chat stall. Anuj says he knew GK would be at a chat stall. Anu dances with ladies. Vanraj gets jealous seeing Anuj and GK. Samar happily hugs Anuj. GK joins Bapuji and Mamaji and jokes with them. Anuj walks to Vanraj. Vanraj says he didn’t inform that they both are coming. Anuj says Samar invited them and says he need not worry about Rohan. Vanraj says they will visit police station soon. Anuj realizes that Samar didn’t inform family about his fight with Rohan, takes Samar aside, and insists him to inform his family. Samar says he will after the dandiya event. Anuj asks him to inform his mummy at least. Samar says not today and walks away.

Anu sees Baa tired and goes to pick water bottles when Rohan tries to hit her form behind. Anuj holds him on time, drags him aside, and says its his good fate that he came in between; he would have killed him he had hurt Samar’s mummy; he should be a man and fight with Samar instead of dragging a woman in between. Rohan says he doesn’t know who he is. Anuj holds his hand and asks to dare try to free it. Rohan tries hard and warns to spare him or else his friends will viral Nandini and his cozy pictures. Anuj warns to try defaming Nandini and if he succeeds he will be destroyed. He informs about his father getting caught in fake drug case in 2000 and escaping to US, he will give his father’s info to police and get them both arrested; warns him if he dares tries to trouble Samar, Nandini or Shah family, he will destroy them both. Rohan pleads not to drag his father in between. Anuj asks why he is behind his ex. Rohan says he loves her. Anuj says he doesn’t as love is sacrifice, prayer of life, etc., and warns if he doesn’t want him to get him and his father arrested, he should destroy all the evidence against Nandini and go away from her life forever; he will call Samar and Nandini aside and Rohan should apologize him to avoid getting humiliated in front of all guests.

Anu offers water to Baa. Baa yells that she called her friend here to humiliate them. Anu says Samar invited Anuj. Baa says she went to greet Anuj like a heroine and orders her to send Anuj away right now. Anu says she can’t insult guest. Samar says Anuj is his guest and will not go. Baa warns him to send Anuj or else she will humiliate him. Anu thinks how can she insult a man who respects her.

Precap: Baa humiliates Anuj and sends him and GK away. Devika confronts Anu that Anuj saved her dignity, but she let him being humiliated. Anu stops Anuj and says he always respected her, now its her turn, and invites him to play dandiya with her.

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