Anupamaa : Baa Humiliates Bapuji !

Baa tells Anu and Anuj that a person becomes ananymous if he/she doesn’t have a name and relationship becomes disgraceful if it doesn’t have a name, so they should give a name to their relationship to gain respect from the society and end all the problems. She asks Anuj if he truly loves Anu and when he openly can express his love in front of her family, he should fill sindhoor in her hairline and marry her.

She then provokes children, Bapuji, and GK that they should be happy with this marriage and then starts humiliating Anu that she will be defamed and character assassinated if he doesn’t fill sindhoor in her hairline. Anu requests to stop. Baa continues provoking Anuj. Anuj picks sindhoor and applies tika on her forehead instead. Anu gets shocked but then relaxes seeing tika instead.

Anuj tells Baa that he doesn’t care about society and Baa’s thinking and only Anu’s wish matters to him. Baa says she can’t understand his high talks. He says its a one-sided love and only he loves Anu and she will never love him. She says people will humiliate their relationship. Anuj says he doesn’t care, he can apply sindhoor and make her a devi and not a biwi/wife; he further says she insulted herself and sindhoor by playing this cheap game; a relationship without love is never accepted and he will never disgrace Anu with this kind of relationship, etc.

Anu confronts Baa and asks why she is still adamant, why can’t Anuj be her friend when Devika can be her friend. Baa shouts Anuj has feelings for her. She says Anuj and her relationship is a pure friendship without any sin, so she should spare them. Baa says she gave them a chance to shut everyone’s mouth, but they are lecturing her. Samar asks why is she interfering in mummy’s life when she already left Shah house. Baa says they are interfering her life and happiness, her house is dark because of them. Mamaji says if she is pointing 1 finger at them, her 3 fingers are pointed towards herself. She warns him to shut his mouth or else she will slap him and continues humiliating them.

Bapuji loses his calm and says he always considered a wife as a life partner and not a servant, he tolerated all her nonsense till now and now he can’t and orders her to get out of his daughter’s dance academy and his warehouse. Baa replies who is he to kick her out and reminds all the sacrifices she made for his house and got a humiliation in return. He says she got his silence in return’ her tongue is bitter, even then he didn’t say her anything; people used to laugh on him, he was silent seeing her sacrifice, but not today and asks her again to get out of here. She denies and continues humiliating Anu. He warns her not to take his daughter’s name. She asks what will he do then. Kavya thinks these oldies get short of breath walking a few steps, but have stamina to fight.

Anu tries to stop Baa and requests not exaggerate the issue. Baa continues humiliating Bapuji and says she he didn’t have money to hire a rickshaw after their marriage and she had to walk 5 miles to reach his house, his mother just gave blessings and father 1.25 rs, he gave her Ramayan and not even a single silver article. Bapuji says he was poor. She asks why did he marry then and continues that he couldn’t even give proper education to this children, her son had to start working from 14 to fund Dolly’s studies as his father was uncapable, she had to run the house in his 400 rs salary which cannot even buy a begging pot, her son got her daughter married or else her daughter would have been unmarried till now, etc. Anu says if she and her son have sacrificed a lot, even Bapuji poured his heart out and fulfilled all his responsibilities, etc. Baa warns her to shut up and not interfere between her and her husband. Mamaji tries to stop her next, but she shouts that he is incompetent saala/BIL of an incompetent jija and shuts his mouth.

Precap: Baa orders Bapuji that she will rule over his house and karkhana from hereon and he should just nod yes.
Bapuji breaks down. Anu consoles him and takes him to her house. Kavya thinks she should set things right before Vanraj returns and bring Bapuji back home.
Anu tells Anuj that she wants to get back her father’s respect.

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