Anupamaa : Baa Says Sorry to Anuj & GK

Wedding anniversary celebrations start at Shah house. Bapuji and Baa get ready Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi of Chandni movie for a photo session. Family are amazed to see them in that avatar. Anu performs their nazar. They both feel sad without Dolly and Mamaji’s presence. Dolly with Sanjay and Mamaji walks in. Baa happily hugs Dolly and apologizes her and Sanjay. Mamaji jokes with Bapuji why has he become Chandni movie’s Rishi Kapoor. Samar says its Bapuji’s wedding today.

Mamaji jokes his sister is not that bad. Samar says Bapuji is marrying Baa. Mamaji jokes again that he thought jijaji is intelligent. They all laugh. Baa thanks Anu for convincing Dolly and Mamaji. Kavya gets jealous seeing that and thinks Baa was breaking stuff at dance academy 3 days ago and now showering her motherly love to Anu, this family fights and forgets instantly, its unpredictable. Baa and Bapuji’s photo session starts. They make different poses. Vanraj apologizes Dolly. Dolly says she already forgave him as he is both her brother and father. Vanraj then apologizes Sanjay and says when he misbehaved with his sister, his wife snatched his house. Dolly says let it go, their togetherness is important. He says he will not.

Family then sits for Baa and Bapuji’s mehandi ceremony. Mamaji jokes when will didi sing qawwali. Family reminds its their mehandi ceremony. Dolly says both daughters/her and Anu will apply mehandi to their mother. Bapuji asks who will apply mehandi to him as he wants his Leela’s name on his hands. Sanjay says his sons/him and Vanraj will. Mamaji asks about Rakhi.

Baa says he forgets everything except nagin. Anuj and GK enter and greet them. Baa welcomes and thanks them for accepting her invitation. She further apologizes for humiliating earlier and says she humiliated in front of everyone and is apologizing in front of everyone; she learnt mistakes in childhood and learnt to apologize in old age. GK says let us forget the past and move on.

Baa says they are rich not only by wealth but also by values. She further says Anu’s friend is welcome in her house and lane and she will change an old mentality of not letting daughters have a male friend. Vanraj then thanks them for attending his parents’ anniversary and says he also believes in forgetting the past and moving on. Kavya gets jealous noticing that and asks Vanraj if he will get Anu and Anuj married. Vanraj says he will if they are ready.

Anu remembers Baa’s words and tells Anuj that like family, her friends are also important for her; she is very happy that Baa invited them. Anuj says Baa is old fashioned, but is changing and adopting to new generation. Anu says Baa is stubborn, but can change for her children. Anuj says elders are great. He recites shayari and tries to explain its meaning. She stops him and says even she understands his shayari now. Rose petals fall on them. She gets more happy. Hame Humse Hua Hai Pyar.. song plays in the background.

Bapuji with GK watches them and discusses what he told Anu. GK says he can’t believe oldie told this. Bapuji says his thinking is progressive. GK says his son is a duffer and Bapuji’s daughter is very innocent, its difficult to get them married, but they should try their best. They both joke with each other like old friends. Family then gathers for sangeet ceremony. Mamaji asks when will they sing qawwali. Bapuji takes Samar along.

Precap: Bapuji with team sings qawwali. Toshu comments one has to think well before marrying. Vanraj says if they couldn’t for the first time, they should for the second time. Pakhi says seeing situations around her, she doesn’t want to marry at all; her parents had arranged married and used to fight due to incompatibility, then she saw papa and Kavya’s love marriage and they fight even more.

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