Anupamaa : Bapuji Advices Anupama to Give Anuj a Chance (for Love)

Anupama asks Kavya instead of conning her family, if she would have asked property from Bapuji and children, they would have happily given it to her. She says stealing is in Kavya’s nature, be it a house or husband, and whatever she got is by stealing; if not Baa, Bapuji, and family, she should have thought of her husband at least. Kavya says she loves her husband. Anu says she loves only herself.

Kavya shouts she is insulting her. Anu says she is telling truth; she would have gained Baa and Bapuji’s love instead of conning them and is cheaper than a temple footwear thief. Kavya says she just snatched her right, they all can stay at her house like before. Vanraj says she did wrong by insulting his parents. Kavya says fights are common between in-laws and DIL. He asks what if Baa slaps her and then apologizes, will she forgive her. Kavya says Baa and Bapuji are still elders of her house and everything will be normal if they walk back in, but if they want to stay at Anu’s house, she can’t help. Vanraj warns how are she is to speak rudely to his parents. Kavya says a lot of expenses are involved with this each person, anyways she doesn’t have a rich boyfriend like Anuj Kapadia. Vanraj says she is disappointed that she doesn’t have a rich boyfriend like Anuj Kapadia.

Kavya ignores him and asks family to get inside home. Kinjal asks her to first decide if she is a good or bad bahu as she spoke so contradictively that she herself is confused what she wants. Kavya asks what she wants. Kinjal says she just wants to stay away from her. Kavya says Rakhi took back penthouse, where will she stay now; she further taunts Toshu about his pent house stay. Toshu gets angry.

Kinjal says she cannot stay with his psycho sauteli maa/stepmother. Samar says he will stay with his mummy. Pakhi says even she will. Kavya taunts Pakhi next and whoever wants to come in, can or else leave. Anu asks Vanraj if she should take his family home or not. Kavya warns they should remember this house belongs to her and then enter it. Vanraj says he will not let his family go. Kavya thinks she is not selfish, everyone thinks about their security, so she did what is best for her; they shouldn’t forget that this house is only her.

Anu tells family that Mr. Shah wants his family to be with him, so they should al support him forgetting Kavya’s sins; they all know that Mr Shah loves them immensely. She tells Bapuji that earlier his house was breaking and if they all go, his son will break down. Vanraj pleads Bapuji to give him one more chance to set things right. Anu signals everyone, and they all walk inside house. She prays god that she knows Mr Shah will do his best to keep his family united, but Kanhaji should also help them. She walks towards gate and sees Anuj waiting for her.

Bapuji notices Anu and Anuj leaving in a car and rushes towards them. Anu stops car and walks to him. Bapuji says he forgot to tell her sorry and thank you; she helped him when he was alone, but he came back here leaving her alone; he is the worst father of the world. Anu says she always needs his support, but his grandchildren, wife, and son need him more than her. He says Vanraj told he will set things right, don’t know how he will. Anu says he helped her when she broke down, now he should help her son keep his family united; he can return to her house after that. Bapuji stands nervous. She senses it and asks if he wants to say something.

Kavya hugs Vanraj and apologizes for her mistake. Vanraj thinks he gave her a chance always, but she betrayed him; their relationship went sour in 1 year itself; he has to become his old self for his family’s sake and let the whole world know who he is. Anu asks Bapuji wants he wants to say. Bapuji says she is not alone as Anuj is with her. She says her friend is with her.

He says everyone is selfish, he didn’t let her go even after her divorce and came to her house when he fought with his wife, even she should be selfish and should think of herself; with passing age, one needs a life partner as they feel lonely; he had family with him, even then he was feeling lonely when his wife stopped supporting him; she selflessly sacrificed her 26 years for Vanraj and left him as he was unfit for her; they reap what they sow, she always sow love and god wants to return her what she sow till now. He continues that she should accept the blessings god is giving her and should live for herself. Anu says she can’t understand anything. He says she should let love enter her life; sending Anuj was in Kanhaji’s hands and letting him in her heart is in her hands, so she should let Anuj enter her heart.

Precap: Bapuji tells Anu that Radha Kishan ji’s name were united in that century, in this century she should let them unite.
Anuj asks Anu if she is coming along. She says yes and gets into his car. Vanraj in a businessman’s attire thinks he will do anything to get back what he lost.

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