Anupamaa: Barkha’s Plan to Break Anupama !

Anupama shows a badge she made for the bride’s team. Kavya praises her and asks how does she get such a wonderful ideas. Anupama says she wanted to do something special for her son’s wedding and hence prepared it. She asks Samar how is it looking. Leela says let us go now. Leela gifts silver rings for everyone and says instead of silver coins, grandparents are gifting this.

Anupama says silver has its own charm and keeps the mind calm. Leela jokes that they should fix silver rings in Leela’s all 10 fingers then. Leela says Dimpy dragon needs it most as she will come and wreck havoc here after marriage. Hasmukh sees Anupama sad and says she can share her problems with her father. Anupama says she wants to forget everyone and enjoy her son’s wedding.

Dimpy gets ready for the wedding as a bride and recalls Leela’s words that she will never accept her, she thinks she has to take further steps smartly and has to fight with love. Barkha enters and says she is right, she will support her; she says she looks good, but shouldn’t become good as Shahs don’t deserve good DIL;

Anupama is such a good bahu, but Shahs ruined her life; they ruined even rich Kinjal and strong Kavya’s lives, so Dimpy shouldn’t make a mistake of following them and not let Leela make her life a hell like she does with other DILs. She says if she has to survive in that house, she has to stand strong against Leela and not let her overtake her;

she shouldn’t fall Kinjal’s kind behavior as everyone would sympathize Kinjal and not her, so she should act as good with Kinjal but not support her; she should control Samar with love and not let him lose, she shouldn’t let him realize that he has become joru ka ghulam/wife’s puppet.

Dimpy says Samar warned her that he will not leave his family, but slowly he will make him go against his family. Barkha says Anupama was there to support Kinjal when she was married, but Dimpy is alone and should understand it’s Shahs vs Dimple alone.

They get tensed seeing Anuj standing. Anuj apologizes for entering without knocking the door and asks if everything is alright. Barkha nervously says Dimpy was missing her family, so she was comforting her. Anuj gifs her a nazar bracelet and with a poem advises her to keep everyone happy and not fight with them.

Little Anu walks in followed by others. Maaya says Dimpy is looking very pretty. Little Anu takes a selfie. Barkha thinks once Anupama leaves for USA, she will win Anuj’s heart. Barkha hopes her plan works and Anupama doesn’t get alert.

Anupama feels happy seeing Samar as a bride. Vanraj describes Kavya how happy he is seeing his son’s marriage and how parents feel seeing their children growing. He says Kavya will not understand this as she is not a parent and then apologizes. Kavya recalls Anupama’s advice to inform Vanraj about her pregnancy and says even she will experience what it means to become a mother.

Vanraj asks does she mean. Kavya reveals she is pregnant and they are becoming parents. Vanraj stands shocked. Barkha describes what she told Dimpy to Adhik. Adhik says he is not bothered what she told Dimpy, he is just bothered about correcting the irregularities in accounts.

Barkha if she could, she would have long ago. Anuj makes wedding mandap arrangements. Maaya tells him that she made all the arrangements and packed gifts for guests, if he needs anything else to be done. Anuj says he will manage.

Barkha asks Anuj if he and Maaya will return to Mumbai after wedding as Little Anu’s school would be affected. Anuj says he will not go until Anupama leaves for USA. Barkha asks what after that. Anuj says he hasn’t thought about it yet. Ankush says Anuj has his business and house here and should stay back, he can’t handle a vast business alone.

Maaya says she wants to stay at Kapadia mansion after Dimple leaves. Barkha says Maaya will replace Anupama. Anuj says nobody can replace Anupama and asks her to get back to work as they have a lot of working pending. Vanraj asks Kavya when did she find out about her pregnancy.

Kavya says a few days ago and she doesn’t have any expectations from him, she didn’t want to inform about it during his son’s wedding and spoil his mood, she is thankful to him for giving this baby as this baby brought a ray of hope in her life, she doesn’t need anything from him, etc. Vanraj also feels happy hearing about his baby.

Precap: Shahs reach Kapadia house withh baraat and dance. Anupama feels anxious to step into Kapadia house.

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