Anupamaa : Ek Bada Jhatka for Vanraj !

Anuj continues his anger when Malvika disobeys his advice. Anupama tries to calm him down. He says not today as he is very angry. Anu says a brother just knows to worry for his sister. Anuj asks how should he explain Malvika, she can get angry and go away from him, but if she gets closer to Vanraj, she will go away from herself and he will not his sister break down again; if Mukku doesn’t want to understand, he will make Vanraj understand peacefully or else in Vanraj’s own language; he knows what Vanraj is doing, he knows everything about Mukku’s past and even then is trying to manipulate;

Vanraj ruined Anu and Kavya’s lives, he will not let Vanraj ruin Mukku’s life and will keep him away from their lives; he will speak to Vanraj, and Anu will not interfere. Anu says she will speak to Vanraj first and he will not stop her. He nods okay and walks away. Anu thinks she left Mr Shah, his house, and everything, even then Mr Shah didn’t stop setting fire in her life. Malvika cries remembering Anuj’s concern for her and thinks she needs to do something.

Next morning, Anu visits Shah house. Vanraj waiting for her in parking area greets her good morning and says her boyfriend understands her, but he knows her better and knows why she came here. He asks if she brought cheque like in films they offer blank to get rid off their daughter. Anuj finds Anu and Malvika missing and think they surely must have gone to Shah house.

Vanraj asks Anu to give him a cheque so that he can tear and throw it away. Anu says she will give him a reality check and says he is near 50 and will become a grandfather soon, so she should be ashamed. He asks why should he, she can roam with her boyfriend and its progress and when he is doing partnership with a girl, he is bad. She says he knows about Mukku’s mental trauma, even then he is manipulating her. He says why shouldn’t he, even if he breathes, they think he is snatching their oxygen;

Mukku informed him everything about last night; he is not surprised hearing that Mukku likes him because he is not interested in love and affair and is only interested in his goal, Anuj Kapadia can be Anu’s life’s hero, but he is still her life’s hero. She sends him Mukku’s psychiatrist’s number and says he should get a psychiatric consultation to stop his illusion of being a hero and undefeatable.

Baa with Bapuji notices them from a distance and says whenever they talk, they cross limits. Bapuji says sometimes its necessary to end the issue. Anuj tells Anu that he is a villain who is stronger than any hero. She says tried to explain him in a simple way, he should create a law of respect between him and Mukku or else she will erase her life of respect. He laughs on her and says she is acting as bhabhi without marriage. She warns him to back off from manipulating Mukku. He says he didn’t show Mukku any false dreams.

Mukku enters and says he is right, tells Anu that she saw her leaving home and knew she would come here, its not Raj’s mistake, even then she is breaking this partnership. Vanraj is shocked to hear that. Anuj heads towards Shah house worried for Anu. Malvika tells Vanraj that she is not breaking their friendship, but has to break their partnership. He asks why? She says she loves her brother most in the world and will do whatever he says. He asks what about his dreams and hard work, he handed over his dreams and hard work to her and she like a child listen to her brother wants to break it, she doesn’t have any proper manners and acts like a child, she is an impractical brother’s foolish sister.


He then realizes its his imagination and says he respects her and her brother’s relationship, but breaking partnership is not her brother’s decision. Anu says her brother did. He says Anuj was speaking, but those were Anu’s words; Anu and Kavya want to ruin his life to take revenge. He plays a victim card and asks Anu till when she will punish him for his mistakes, he apologized her 1000 times for his mistakes, what did he do now. Anuj enters and says he did whatever he shouldn’t have.

Toshu watching the drama asks Bapuji if he should go out and check as its not right to create a drama outside. Bapuji says let it the storm come at once, till when Vanraj will interfere between Anu’s life and try to ruin it. Baa says its Anu, Anuj, and Malvika’s mistake this time. Bapuji says its solely their son’s mistake and once he changes, everything will be fine; he doesn’t want to say something in front of children that they stop respecting their father.

Anuj offers cheque to Anuj and says he must have worked hard in this project and saw many dreams, he respects his hard work and dedication and hence funding his project; they are professional and shouldn’t mix up personal life, their lives are already complicated and they shouldn’t complicate it more. Vanraj tells Anu that finally he got blank cheque.

Malvika tells Vanraj that he can continue his project, but she cannot support him anymore. He says its okay if Anu and Anuj want same. He then manipulates Mukku saying everyone know how much she sacrificed for her brother and even Anuj loves her a lot, he doesn’t want to interfere between them, Anuj is her adopted brother and she lost her parents because of Anuj, even then she loves her brother.

Precap: Vanraj asks Malvika like she sacrificed her partnership with him on Anuj’s order, can Anuj sacrifice his partnership with Anu. Malvika asks Anuj if he can leave Anu for her. Anuj and Anu stand shocked hearing that.
Vanraj grins.

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