Anupamaa | Gaurav Khanna Speaks About Rupali Ganguly; Shares His Favorite ‘MaAn’ Moment

Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna are currently entertaining fans with their cute chemistry as Anupamaa and Anuj from the show, Anupamaa. The duo is loved immensely by the audience and Gaurav wanted to go live on Instagram to thank his fans for the love they shower.

Gaurav Khanna, who is new to this, was taught by Rupali Ganguly how to go live and was even a part of it for some time. The actress was then called for a scene and she had to leave. Rupali exuded elegance in a golden saree and a lovely hairdo while Gaurav looked dapper in a turquoise high neck tee, denim and gelled hair.

Gaurav thanked Rupali for helping him out and spoke about his favourite ‘MaAn’ moment too. He said that the first scene shot with her at the reunion party where he lifted her sandal was his favourite scene, as he believes that the first impression is the best impression.

In the live, Gaurav shared with one of his fans that he hails from Kanpur and came to Mumbai for the first time in 2003 for his MBA. He also shared that he met his wife Akanksha at an audition and their love story is quite funny.

Gaurav introduced his EP (Executive Producer) from the set to his fans and said that he schedules everything and luckily, he has given an off to him on Tuesday, November 30. And, as of Monday, only Rupali and Gaurav are the two actors on the set for the shoot. Gaurav also penned his phone’s camera at Anupamaa’s house and revealed that a scene in ‘aangan’ is being taken place.

Talking about Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav shared that he feels lucky to work with an experienced and talented artiste like her because it brings out the best in you. He further added that as an actor, he gets to learn a lot from her. There were many fans, who applauded Gaurav for his portrayal of Anuj Kapadia. The actor, in return, requested them to watch his earlier shows too, so that they could see variations in his acting.

Gaurav Khanna promised his fans that he would do more such interactive sessions with them on weekends.

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