Anupamaa : Hasmukh Warns Baa ; Maaya Determined to Spend More Time with Anuj !

Anuj finds his mobile switched off. Maaya asks him to sleep in her tent itself as he is injured and she will give him some pain killers. Anuj walks aways anxiously to his tent and tries to charge his mobile. Maaya feels emotional and recalls recent emotional moments with Anuj where she hugged and kissed him. Koi Fariyaad TYere Dil Mein Dabi Ho Jaise.. song plays in the background. Anupama also feels anxoius unable to contact Anuj. Next morning, Leela asks Anupama to give her bhog for pooja. Hasmukh offers her bhog and says she left for her home. Leela shouts why did she go without informing her and without cooking breakfast for them.

Hasmukh says she finished cooking and they just need to microwave it. Leela continues her unbearable chattering. Hasmukh warns her that she can just request Anupama to visit and help them, its Anupama wish whether to come here or not. Leela says the way Vanraj and Anupama talking yesterday night. Hasmukh gets angry and warns her to dare not think about it in her wildest dream, he will not let LEela’s shadow on Anupama if possible, he doesn’t want Anupama to return to this bog again. Leela asks if their house is a bog. Hasmukh says it was and even now it is for Anupama and warns that if she and her son think of it, he will make her tremble out of fear.

Next morning, Anuj with Little Anu and Maaya heads towards home in his car. Maaya feels elated and shy recalling last night’s event again. Yeh Hawaein Zulfon Me Meri Gumhojayen…song plays in the background. She thanks Anuj for last night’s event. Anuj says Little Anu is happy because of her. Maaya says that is why blood relationship is bigger than any relationship and holds Anuj’s hand. Anuj smiles. She hugs him. Little Anu calls Maaya and wakes her up and shows their selfie. Maaya says they all 3 are looking so good in it. Anuj thinks Anupama must be upset as he couldn’t call her whole day, he needs to reach home soon. He recalls Maaya hugging and kissing her last night and requesting him not to inform about the incident to Anupama.

Anupama visits temple and thinks why she is still feeling anxious even at the temple. She returns home and feels relaxed. She tells god that when she is missing her husband and daughter, even they must be missing her; Anuj had messaged her that they are on the way home and couldn’t contact her due to network issue. She calls Anuj. Anuj searches for his earbuds. Maaya switches on car Bluetooth. Anupama speaks. Anuj says they missed her a lot. Anupama says even she did. Anuj hopes he flies and reaches her soon. Anupama asks about Little Anu. Little Anu says she is happy as she is returning to her mummy. Maaya speaks and describes how much Little Anu enjoyed her picnic.

Anuj says he will talk to her after reaching home as he is driving. Maaya feels jealous. Anupama feels happy and thinks she will welcome Anuj in a special way. Maaya gets an idea to delay reaching home and spending more time with Anuj. She says she needs to use a washroom, so he should stop at a restaurant. Little Anu says she is feeling hungry. Maaya insists to stop at a restaurant. Anuj tells Little Anu that mummy is waiting for them, so he will pickup some takeaway on the way. Little Anu agrees leaving Maaya more jealous.

Kavya walks into Vanraj’s room, recalls Vanraj trying to lure Anupama with his words, picks her laptop and tries to leave. Vanraj asks where is she going. Kavya says he has lost his right on her. She further informs that Anupama returned to her house. Vanraj thinks if Anupama left because of his conversation last night and if Kavya is angry after she heard their conversation. Anupama decorates Little Anu’s room and hugging her dress says she missed her and her papa a lot, she shouldn’t get angry on mummy for not attending picnic, she will not let her complain today and will spend whole day with her and her papa. She eagerly waits for them.

Precap: Kavya invites Anirudh. Vanraj gets angry and shouts how can she call her ex to her sasural and be casual with him.
Kavya asks when he can call his ex Anupama home, why can’t she call her ex home.
Maaya asks Anuj not to inform whatever happened last night to Anupama as she will not understand it. Anupama asks what she will not understand.

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