Anupamaa : Kavya & Anupama’s Fight ! | Anuj Worried

Anuj waits for Anupama and and tells GK that he doesn’t know why Anupama didn’t return yet and hopes Baa is fine. GK says Hasmukh bhai/Bapuji’s anger is valid, but Leela ben/Baa shattered because of that. Anuj says maybe Anu went to drop her home for the same reason. GK says Anupama means one without an example, that is why she is still thinking about Baa. Anuj says its not easy for Anu after the recent incidents of Bapuji breaking down and then Baa, she is acting strong from outside but is broken from inside. GK says he should assure and comfort her. Anuj says he is right, he will call Samar and find out what is going on there.

At Shah house, Anu tells Kavya that she is not afraid of outsiders, her husband told she is an outsider and hence he will vent out his anger on his family members, especially Kavya. Samar gets Anuj’s call. Kavya shouts that Anu wanted to break their family and hence provoked Bapuji. Anu says family is not a fruit on tree to be plucked/broken, she held family together for 26 years and its a bahu/DIL’s responsibility, what kind of bahu Kavya is who cannot hold her family together, and if she is feeling bad with Bapuji’s departure, why didn’t she hold his hand and bring him back.

Kavya says because Bapuji considers Anu as her daughter and not her. Anu asks why so? Vanraj also asks why Bapuji doesn’t consider her bahu yet. Kavya gets tensed and says they are talking about Anupama and not her. Anu says they are talking about her father. Kavya says issue would have ended at home, but Anu took Bapuji along. Vanraj says Anu is trying to break the family and attract them towards her since she left home. Anu says family is attracted with love, even he should love and attract his family towards him; if he had seen Bapuji’s condition then, he himself would have requested her to take Bapuji from there; even he knows that she loves Bapuji more than him and she did what she felt right at that time. Kavya asks why that day came on festival day, she purposefully provoked Baa as her her game plan.

Anuj informs GK that Vanraj found out everything, he should imagine what must be going on in that house. GK says what he feared is happening, they shouldn’t inform anything to Hashmukh bhai. Anuj says he asked Samar to keep him updated. Anu confronts Kavya that she will blame everything on her, even if vegetable prices increase, vegetable burns while cooking, her hair fall, etc. Kavya says she is not having hair fall or burnt vegetable since 2 days. Vanraj says she is giving an example.

Kavya says whatever it is, the fact is Anu is the reason between Bapuji and Baa’s fight. Baa warns her not to lie and accepts that Bapuji left home because of her. Vanraj says finally she accepted her mistake and should correct it herself and bring back Bapuji home. Baa says he doesn’t want to come. She says he went to bring him back, but he doesn’t want to return. Anu says he and children should convince Bapuji and bring him back home once his anger calms down. Kavya shouts Anu would have provoked him more by then, she will make him against Vanraj next and it was her plan to organize diwali celebration at her home and create this drama. Vanraj shouts back to shut up and asks why didn’t she stop Baa when she got angry and as he knows well, she would have poured ghee in fire; he doesn’t want to listen to her or Anu’s gyaan and wants his Bapuji back home. He warns Baa to bring back Bapuji with due respect and till then forget that she has a son.

Kinjal says papa is acting like a kid. Samar says he can understand and would have done same for mummy. Pakhi says she is afraid more. Kinjal says papa wouldn’t have let this issue exaggerated. Pakhi says papa is in fear like she feared losing her parents during their divorce. Vanraj says he needs his Bapuji back home, till then Baa cannot enter this house. He tries to shut door on Baa’s face. Anu stops him and says he shouldn’t disrespect to respect a father like Toshu did, Baa would have done this for his sake, etc. He forcefully tries to close door and she tries to keep it open. Children plead Anu to remove her hand away before he is hurt. Vanraj sees Bapuji, runs and hugs him. Bapuji remembers hearing Anuj’s words.

Anu says a son’s love brought Bapuji back home. Vanraj thanks Bapuji for returning home and holding his hand asks to come in. Bapuji says he came here not to return home and just wants to request him not to fight more as this house lost a lot and he should preserve what is left; his house and father are shattered, Vanraj should gather his broken house and he will gather his self-pride. Vanraj pleads him to come in. Bapuji says he cannot enter someone’s house as it belongs to Baa now; a man can build a house, but woman makes is a temple; he may enter house on Vanraj’s insistence, but his mind would be outside; he should let him live in peace till he is alive; its between him and his wife, Vanraj shouldn’t punish his mother for that.

Baa walks to Bapuji and pleads him not to disown her as she said everything in anger after Kavya provoked her. Kavya thinks Baa is blaming her mistake on her, she needs to do something before V gets angry on her. She asks Baa if she a 6-year-old kid to be provoked, she did a mistake and is blaming her instead. Anu asks Vanraj to ask his wife to keep quiet. Kavya shouts at her to shut up. Vanraj shouts back at her to shut up and says as she said, Anu is not part of this family and is not this family’s bahu, but Kavya is and its her responsibility to manage Baa and others. Kavya continues blaming Anu and Anuj for all the problems. Vanraj shouts back not to take their names in his house and says she knows only 3 things, makeup, gossip and negativity and since she came in this house, whole family is fighting. Kavya shouts that its not her mistake that his family is dramebaaz. He says she never accepted this family. She says because of Anu. He says she blames Anu for every mistake, didn’t she make any mistake. She says Anu made 50% mistakes and his parents made 50 mistakes.

Precap: Vanraj tells Kavya that his father will return home with respect and they will get out of this house. She shouts she made a biggest mistake of her life by marrying in this family. He says he made a biggest mistake by marrying her.
He says he can go wherever he wants to and showing property documents says this house belongs to only her.

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