Anupamaa : Kavya & Anuj Trash Shah’s ; Hasmukh Warns Anupama !

Anuj says he didn’t want to return home since a few days and wanted to stay at office itself as his family was not happy. Leela asks because of her? Anuj says what shall he shall when she herself accepted it. He says they have family, wealth, everything, but they are arguing here instead of celebrating new year; people even in huts are spreading light and celebrating new year, but they are fighting here. He says at his house, only Shah family’s problems are discussed and he was tried to handle their problems, but they started accusing him instead. Anupama says surri, please don’t get angry. Anuj says he is not angry but is tired of all this and will not let his wife suffer; he did so much for this family, but they always disrespect her.

Kavya says Anuj is right; when Shahs didnt’ accept her till now, how will they accept Anuj; even if they sacrifice their lives, they will continue to complain. Vanraj says let us go home and speak. Kavya says when he spoke her, why shouldn’t she. She says when Anuj never confronted Leela for her atrocities, why would Anuj confront Hasmukh. Leela asks what kind of a DIL she is spoiling family’s dignity. Kavya asks when Leela calls her maide ki katori, didn’t she think of family’s dignity then. Leela says she calls it with love.

Kavya says she tries her best to accept her family, but her family never accepted her; her husband blindly follows his mother ignoring others; each family member has his/her own point of view, but why only his and Leela’s point of view matters to Vanraj. Vanraj asks if she wants him to perform aarti of people because of whom his father is missing. Kavya says she just wants him to stop living in a world of assumptions, Hasmukh will reveal where he was, instead Leela accused Anuj and Vanraj blindly trusted her. Vanraj asks if he shouldn’t listen to his mother. Kavya he should but should also listen to his wife; she has decided from hereon to focus on her life and career first.

She says even if she sacrifices her life for Shahs, she won’t get anything in return except humiliation and they don’t have a bit of gratitude. Leela says she has attitude. Kinjal explains gratitude means favors. Leela asks when did she favor them. Kinjal says they should acknowledge Anuj’s favors at least. Kavya says she loves this family, but their drama never ends. Leela comments again. Kavya asks why only others have to adjust and not MIL. Leela asks who is adjusting. Kavya says Kinjal is adjusting, though she is not happy with Toshu and is working hard day and night and even taking care of Pari alone.

Toshu says even he is working. Kavya says Kinjal got her that job, but Leela never acknowledges that and cries that Toshu has to work under Kinjal. She asks Leela if she ever hugged her, Kinjal, or Samar and praised them. Leela says never do anything good. Kavya says they do, Leela will see Kinjal’s contributions if she stops covering Toshu’s mistakes; Anuj is completely right, he should stay away from Shah family, only then Leela will realize his contributions;

Leela blindly protects Vanraj and Toshu’s mistakes and blames Anupama for everything, she will ask Anupama why didn’t she sacrifice herself properly, her blood’s sins are exempted and other’s simple mistakes are a big issue for her, she easily forgave Toshu’s infidelity and sins and made Hasmukh’s life a hell, Anuj and Anupama saved her house and did so much for her family but they would be outsider for her always, she is ruling over Anupama for 26 years and even now after divorce, she and Vanraj should open a wholesale business of toxicity.

Vanraj shouts enough Kavya. Kavya says she just started speaking. Vanraj asks is it necessary. Kavya asks if only he has a copyright to speak, why he doesn’t feel embarrassed with his arrogant mother and stupid daughter and feels embarrassed only with his wife. She tells Anuj that Shah family is selfish and ungrateful who never acknowledge Anuj or other’s contributions; they are are like a frog of a pond who just make an opinion for themselves and blame others.

Leela warns her to stop now or else she will play sitar under her ears. Kavya asks her to buy a real sitar as DILs will not tolerate MIL’s torture anymore; Shah family has a group which has made DILs’ lives a hell. Vanraj shouts she is crossing her limits. Kinjal says Kavya is heading in a right direction, she totally agrees with Kavya that only Hasmukh, Samar, and Kavya are normal in Shah house. Pakhi asks if they are aliens then. Kinjal says aliens are better than Pakhi. Toshu asks her to stop. Kinjal asks why shall she, this family will never accept bahus and differentiate between their own blood and bahus.

Vanraj says he never differentiated between his children and Kinjal and had abandoned Toshu for her. Kinjal says he then emotionally blackmailed her and forced her to return home, he and Leela said men tend to make mistakes and women should forgive them. Barkha says Shah family never acknowledges Anuj’s efforts. Toshu asks why does he. Anupama warns him to shut up when he is at mistake. Toshu asks if he has to listen to their taunts his whole life for just one mistake.

Anuj says he has to and says whenever they have problem, they remember Anuj and Anupama instead of Vanraj, why did Toshu call them at midnight instead of Vanraj when Pari fell ill; they all can continue their drama, he is going in search of Hasmukh. Hasmukh returns home. Vanraj hugs him and asks where was he, he rushed home from Delhi after hearing him missing. Whole family shows its concern for Hamukh and offer him water. Anupama thanks god and asks where was he.

Hasmukh says he is fine and describes how he got into a wrong bus after meeting his friends, lost his phone, and reached home in a rickshaw. Leela says he should have called from someone’s phone. Hasmukh says who remembers phone numbers in this age. Leela thanks god that he returned safely. Hasmukh says it would have been better if he had stayed out instead of seeing his family fighting like cats and dogs, he had come long ago and heard their whole conversation.

Toshu asks why didn’t he speak then. Hasmukh says he was feeling ashamed seeing his family fighting like animals. Anuj says its his mistake that he dropped him midway and should have left his car and driver for him, he can imagine the difficulties he faced. Hasmukh says its much lesser than the pain Anuj must have felt with Shah family’s behavior. Leela says she didn’t do anything, its them instead. Hasmukh warns her to shut up and stop lying; Anuj is not his blood, but even Vanraj couldn’t do whatever Anuj did for him.

He asks Anupama what did Leela say. Kavya says Leela accused that Anuj dropped Hasmukh midway. Hasmukh says Leela is great to create false stories. He tells Vanraj that his mother is always wrong. Leela says he is blaming her. Hasmukh warns her again to shut up; says today a big crack has appeared between their relationships and everybody has to change now, especially Anupama.

Precap: Anuj tells Anupama that they are trying to fit in each other’s expectations which is wrong. Kavya tells Vanraj that he had taken one decision, now she will take another decision. Hasmukh hopes he dies than seeing all the drama.

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