Anupamaa : Maaya’s Hidden Dark Secret !

Anupama continues to tongue lash Vanraj for his cryptic comments. She says one should make mistakes according to their age, he is Pari’s grandfather and hence should make mistakes accordingly; he should give donation to temple twice, forget mobile codes, get annoyedby new-age kids and not behave like a young brat; one who drives looking behind usually end up in a ditch, even his present and future will fall into a ditch if he chants past repeatedly.

She says she has her husband, daughter, life, career, etc., now and doesn’t want the jinx of her past in her life; there is no place for negativity in her life anymore; she has fixed a broad at the door that evil eyes should beware of her; she hates such words and she doesn’t want to get angry, but Vanraj forces her to say that Anupama’s swag is back. She leaves from there. Vanraj looks around and assures that nobody heard their conversation.

Anupama vents out her anger on a water bottle. Kavya walks to her room crying, calls Anirudh, and asks if they can meet as soon as possible. Vanraj recalls Anupama’s words. Anupama getx anxious when Anuj doesn’t pick call. An angry man asks if she is here. Anuj warns him to respect women. Anuj asks Maaya who is this man. Maaya shivering in fear says let us go from here. Man asks Maaya where was she hiding, was she spending nights with Anuj. Anuj warns him to mind his tongue. Man asks who is he to interfere between them and holds Maaya’s hand. Anuj stops him.

Maaya calls him Sampath and asks him to leave her hand. Sampath refuses to leave her hand as he saw her after a long time. Anuj asks with what right he is holding Maaya’s hand. Sampath says Maaya is his wife and warns Anuj not to interfere between them. Anuj says whether wife, daughter, mother, or sister, a woman should be respected. plays in the background. Anuj presses Sampath’s hand tightly and forces him to leave Maaya’s hand.

Maaya insists Anuj that they should leave from here as Sampath is very dangerous. Anuj says let him see how much dangerous Sampath is. Sampath warns Anuj to save himself from Maaya as Maaya will destroy him. Anuj warns him to not speak ill about a woman. Sampath pulls out Maaya’s shawl. Anuj angrily punches him. Their fight starts. Sampath asks why is he fighting for this woman, how is she related to him. Anuj says she is his daughter’s mother.

Maaya stands emotional seeing Anuj breaking Sampath’s hands and strangulating him for misbehaving with a woman. She asks Anuj to spare Sampath or else he will die and gives Little Anu’s promise. Anuj spares Sampath and warns to break his remaining bones if he wrongly eyes on Maaya or any other woman.

Anupama continues to worry for Anuj and prays god to protect him. She repeatedly/ calls him to no avail. Anuj drapes Maaya’s shawl around her. Tu Rooh Hai To Mai Kaya Banu.. song plays in the background. Maaya hugs him emotionally and cries thanking him for saving her life. Anuj asks her to calm down as he would have done same for any woman.

Maaya says he is the first person who protected her instead of criticizing him, she will not forget what he did for her. She kisses him. Anuj pushes her away and asks what is she doing, she should control herself and stop crying. Maaya says she doesn’t know how she lost control. Anuj says let us file a police complaint against Sampath. Maaya says such people won’t change even with complaint.

She notices his hand injury, tears her sari pallu, and ties it on his hand forcefully while Anuj says ther is no need for that. She says whatever happened was out of respect and she doesn’t have any bad intentions towards him. Anuj says let us end this issue right here. Maaya requests him not to reveal about today’s incident to Anuapama as she understands a woman’s insecure feeling. They return to Litle Anu’s tent. Maaya asks him to rest there itself. Anuj says he will return to his tent and searches for his mobile. Maaya gets tensed and acts. Anuj checks Little Anu’s bag and finds it under it. Maaya more tensed fearing he would see Anupama’s missed calls.

Precap: While returning home, Little Anu says she is hungry. Maaya says lets stop at a restaurant. Anuj says he needs to reach home soon as Anupama is waiting for them. Anupama hopes Anuj returns soon as she wants to inform him what Vanraj said last night. Back home, Maaya asks Anuj not to inform whatever happened last night to Anupama as she will not understand it. Anupama asks what she will not understand.

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