Anupamaa : Malvika’s Wrath Falls on Anupama

Anuj apologizes Anupama and says he will do whatever she says. She orders him to sit on chair. He does. She asks him to have carrot like cartoon network rabbit. He does and thinks she really looks changed, what might have happened. She thinks should she inform what happened to her, she should wait as Anuj and Mukku met a long ago and Mukku may think she is interfering between brother and sister, but she needs to inform if he has asks.

Kavya stops Malvika from fixing star on Christmas tree and fixes it herself, its a special task and should be done by someone special. Malvika asks why did she fix it then, then jokes and laughs. Kavya yells she is joking on an elder person, misbehaves with her elder brother, gets angry for no reason, and is a paglet/insane. Malvika seriously asks if she is paglet and tightly hugging excitedly says right answer my sister. Kavya pushes her away. Vanraj enters and watches that.

Anuj questions Anu that she is acting shy like him, if she loves him. She nervously blabbers. He insists if she loves him. She shyingly hides her face. He happily thanks and hugs her, then realizes its his dream which cannot be fulfilled. He then gets a message and thinks Mukku’s Christmas gift is ready. Malvika thanks Vanraj for finding a cheap real estate deal for their office and says Kavya would have sent her back to US for this good news. She continues expressing her happiness. Kavya gets jealous and asks to stop acting and tell her since when they know each other. Malvika continues joking and says its easier to taunt her than she thought, she is her husband’s business partner, but may become life partner soon. Kavya gets more jealous.

Baa gets ready for Christmas celebration and clicks selfie with a Christmas tree. Bapuji disguised as Santa Claus. Family joins them and says they both are world’s cutest couple. Bapuji asks where is another Santa. Mamaji walks in and jokes. GK joins in disguised as teenage Santa. Anuj and Anupama walk in. Malvika says they both look so good together and will grab best dressed male and female award.

Samar says even best couple award. Anu offers Malvika carrot halwa cake. Malvika feels disappointed. Anu gives moral gyaan on Indian cuisine carrot halwa and says she even brought carrot cake for her. Anuj gives her cake. Malvika kneels down and insists Bapuji to get Anu and Anuj married and make Anu as her bhabhi, they look so cute together. Family stands shocked. Anuj asks not to joke. Bapuji says they will talk about alliance later and not like this. Malvika insists.

Anu gets angry and warns her to stop. Anuj gets worried thinking Mukku gets angry if someone confronts her like this. Malvika walks out. Anuj tries to walk behind her, but Anu stops him and says let her handle it. Kavya yells at Anuj and Malvika as usual. Anu walks behind Malvika and holds her tightly. Malvika says she will not calm down with it. Anu says she has handled 3 evil kids and can handle even a 4th kid. Malvika asks how can she be so strong. Anu says she has Baa’s scolding daily.

Malvika says her demand was right. Anu says she was right, but her way was wrong as they consider marriage as sacred in their country and many generations stay under same roof, so they need to be careful. Malvika calms down. Anu asks her to attend back her party. Malvika requests her to become her bhabhi at least here. Anu smiles and walks in. Malvika smiles at Anuj.

Precap: Bapuji and GK insist Anu to accept her love for Anuj. Family dances on Rock N roll soniye.. song. Anu tells anuj that she will fix garland only in his neck. Anuj says he gave his heart to her long back, what should he give now.

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