Anupamaa : Pakhi Becomes Shah’s New Neighbor !

Anupama, Anuj, and Little Anu head for a trip. Little Anu says they will click lots of pictures. Anuj says there would be 2 roads ahead, one a shortcut and another a main road. Anupama asks him to take a main road as shortcut is risky. Little Anu says she wants to reach soon. Anuj says even he and takes a shortcut between jungle. Car jump on a pothole and a hanging show piece falls and breaks down.

Anupama gets concerned seeing that. Leela’s neighbors question why there is no hungama at a wedding house, if everything is fine. Vanraj says everything is fine, they should concentrate on her house. Leela says he wanted to shut people’s mouth with Pakhi’s wedding, now people will taunt her. Pakhi takes Adhik to some place in an auto. Adhik asks where are they going. She says wherever they are going, its so groovy.

Anupama calls Little Anu’s teacher and tries to speak, call gets disconnected. She complains of no network. Little Anu says she has landline in her bag. Anuj reminds she can’t call without a network. He plays Chal Chaiyan Chaiyan.. song on FM. Music player malfunctions and changes channels continuously. Lambi Judaai.. song plays in the background. Little Anu asks meaning of judaai and bichadna. Anuj explains it means separation. Little Anu asks if Pakhi and Adhik separated from them. Anuj looks at Anupama’s face. Anupama says Pakhi has gone to learn new things of life just like Little Anu is going to learn new things in camp. Anuj says Anupama took a right decision, Adhik will handle Pakhi. They reach camp.

Kinjal and Kavya keep Pari under the sun in lawn and discuss the importance of vitamin D. Kavya notices Adhik and Pakhi and calls family out. They stand surprised seeing Pakhi and Adhik with their bags. Teacher welcomes Anuj and Anupama and says its good they brought little Anu to the camp as it would be a good learning experience for her. Anupama requests her to take care of little Anu’s food and other needs. Little Anu hugs her parents and asks them to enjoy the trip and not be too serious.

They say of course and ask her to go and enjoy her camp. She runs back to them and asks if they will return soon and pick her back and not separate from her. They ask her not to talk like that and be too emotional, they will return soon. Anuj tells Anupama that he knows little Anu’s feelings as even he used to feel same as an orphan. Anupama asks why did little Anu ask if they will return. Anuj asks her not to bother about a child’s words and says they should be just having a romantic conversation during trip and not serious talks.

Vanraj gets happy seeing Pakhi and asks why didn’t she pick this calls, its good she came here. Little stops him and asks Pakhi if she got into senses now, she was boasting about becoming a rich family bahu, now she saw the reality. She says she will not let her stay in her house. She apologizes Adhik for disrespecting son-in-law and says Pakhi deserves it. Pakhi rudely asks who said she came to stay at her house after being kicked out of it. She shows keys and asks Samar to speak.


Samar says these are Nandini’s house keys. Pakhi says its her house now and she is Shah family’s neighbor now. Leela warns her to stop her misbehavior. Pakhi says she learnt it from her. Vanraj asks what is all this. Pakhi says she needs to clear everyone’s misunderstanding towards her and leaves from there. Vanraj says its good that Pakhi would be in front of their eyes. Leela says a daughter like Pakhi is a disaster for parents.

Anuj and Anupama enjoy a song on the way. They notice a jeep stopped in the middle of the road and stop their car. Anupama fears the car must have been loted and says let us go from here and return if some other car passes by. Jeep rolls back. Anuj horns shouting if the driver has gone mad and drives in reverse. Jeep controlling rolling back. Anupama closes her eyes seeing the jeep hitting their car.

Precap: Anupama and Anuj notice a couple being attacked by dacoits and rush to help them. Dacoits attack even them and drag Anuj away.

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