Anupamaa : Spoilt Brat Pakhi’s New Tantrum !

Anupama stops Anuj from promising Pakhi to organize a grand wedding for her. Pakhi continues her emotional blackmailing and asks Anupama if she demanding a proper venue for wedding is bad that she is taunting her. Anupama says she not taunting but questioning her that if she didn’t remember about a better venue and dream wedding when she eloped and married Adhik and if all her dreams awoke when family plans something;

Pakhi doesn’t want to listen to anyone, doesn’t want to study further and grow in life, doesn’t want to be proactive in life, but just want to be arrogant, demanding, and selfish; this is just her qualities to be written in her biodata; Vanraj was convinced to perform Pakhi’s marriage with great difficulty, but she demands a grand wedding after already eloping and marrying; she should be thankful that her elders are approving her marriage and be happy with it.

Barkha says Pakhi and Adhik deserve a wedding at Shah house and not a grand wedding. Pakhi warns her to stop. Anupama says Pakhi’s helplessness drama wore out so soon just after a day and says she can tolerate Pakhi’s tantrums, but Barkha is Pakhi’s SIL and like MIL and hence Pakhi can’t throw her tantrums on Barkha. Pakhi tries to reply. Adhik stops her and thanks Anupama for organizing their wedding and says its okay if wedding happens at Shah house, they will party after that in a grand way.

Ankush say finally some common sense. Barkha asks who will pay for the party, he can’t burden Anuj more just because he is helping him. Pakhi stares at her. Barkha asks Pakhi if she wants to misbehave, she can go ahead as its in her nature. Adhik says he will manage with his remaining savings. Barkha asks Pakhi instead of showing attitude, she should ask her husband if he will have money to buy even a cup of tea after partying, Pakhi’s attitude won’t work for long. Anuj asks everyone to stop as he doesn’t want any drama in a wedding house.

Kanta offers shagun to Pakhi. Anupama lights akhand jyoti/lamp till wedding finishes peacefully. Barkha gets a message. She thinks she will spoil Pakhi and Adhik’s wedding. Anupama prays god to keep blessing her family. Next morning, Anupama gets ready for college and apologizes Anuj and Little Anu for not preparing breakfast today. Anuj says he should apologize her for not helping her out.

Little Anu says she should have prepared breakfast for her parents. They both pamper her. Anuj says he will drop them to school and college and then go to his office. Little Anu says they will go by auto. Ankush brings Adhik and says Adhik will join their company from today and says Anuj has to select a job designation for Adhik. Adhik touches Anupama and Anuj’s feet, thanks them, and says he will not disappoint them. Pakhi brings tiffin for them all and impresses Anupama.

Leela calls Anupama and gets angry when she disconnects call. Anupama sends her a message that she knows Leela wants her to help her in wedding arrangements, but she can’t miss her classes and can’t help Leela. Leela yells that girl’s mother doesn’t want to help. Hasmukh and Jignesh say girl’s grandmother should work. Leela yells that she got an ill fate that neighbors are taunting her that everyone in her family elope and marry.

Vanraj hears that and says people are just saying what they are seeing. Leela says she will shut their mouths by performing her granddaughter’s marriage. Kavya asks if there would be mehandi, sangeet, and other prewedding rituals. Vanraj denies permission and asks what about a father’s emotions. Kavya asks him to stop playing a victim card always. Vanraj walks away from there.

Barkha calls someone introducing herself as Adhik’s sister and disconnects call when Ankush walks in. Ankush confronts her and says she wouldn’t stop her conspiracies, he knows she is trying to dig out Adhik’s past and warns her to stop all this. Barkha cries that he can’t understand her insecurities.

Ankush ways away saying she wouldn’t change. Barkha thinks she will do whatever she is thinking of. Anupama attends class and learns some of her classmates on leave. She gives a speech on life. Teacher announces that everyone completed their first project successful. She says Anupama’s project is most detailed among all students and gives her a star. Anupama thanks her and lives a long speech on how her dreams are coming true with the help of her husband and family. Teacher starts class about profit and ethics. Anupama interferes and gives lecture on customer loyalty, morales, ethics, etc. Teacher says she is right and teaches business terms.

After class, Anupama invites her class for her daughter’s wedding. Teacher gives her only 1 day leave. Her classmate offers to help if she needs any and asks if her elders won’t be angery if she doesn’t help them in wedding arrangements and attends class. Anupama says they will, but she will manage.

Precap: Barkha gives diamond jewelry to Pakhi and says she had bought it for Adhik’s wife, but Adhik’s marriage is in Shah house. Pakhi yells at Anupama calling her greedy for money and says she considers herself as Kapadia family bahu and wants a destination wedding. Barkha grins seeing her plan working.

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