Anupamaa : Tension Brewing in Kapadia House; Anuj -Anupama Get Ready for Pagphera

Anupama tells Anuj that when the dream comes true, it feels really good. Anuj says even he is so happy that he feels his own nazar/evil eyes will fall on him. Anupama performs his nazar. Anuj says he was alone since so many years that when he sought happiness from the God, he gave him immense happiness. He just hopes little Anu joins them soon.

He reveals that when his father adopted him and brought him home, Ankush had a sibling rivalry with him. Anupama says even Paritosh got irritated with Samar, but then he started loving his sibling. Anuj says Ankush became his best friend and knew all the secrets, in fact he had encouraged him to take flower to a girl for the first time.

Ankush on the other side excitedly describes how he encouraged Anuj with pep talk, but Anuj gave flower to a girl and ran away from there saying get well soon. He describes the bonding he had with Anuj and misses those times, says he is very happy that he is back home. Barkha busy over phone feels irritated hearing that. Anuj describes how his father kept both families bonded, but after his death, both families separated. He gets emotional. Anupama hugs and consoles him. He asks if she has any problem if Ankush and Barkha stay back with them. She says he shouldn’t question that again.

Barkha speaks to her children Adhik and Sara over phone and scolds them to come back home soon. Anukush says he was worried if children will not like India, but they like it a lot. Barkha asks him when he is going to talk with Anuj. Anukush says they just came and needs some time. Barkha says she herself will if he doesn’t then.

Anupama and Anuj chat with Hasmuk and Leela over a video call and enquire about the family. Anuj asks about Vanraj and Kavya’s situation now. Vanraj smiles. Hasmuk senses Anuj and Anupama and asks them reason. Anuj tries to inform about Anukush and Barkha’s arrival, but Anupama stops him and decides to inform them the news in a special way. She asks Anuj about Ankush and Barkha’s children. Anuj describes that they one daughter Sara and Barkha considers her brother as her child. He continues that he was worried if Barkha would be able to adapt Indian culture, but he was wrong as she adapted it so well.

Barkha fumes on Ankush for lying to Anuj about their US business and asks him why didn’t he tell Anuj that they wound their business. Ankush says he will after some time as they arrived just some time ago. Barkha says encourages him to fight for his right in the business and property as they need money to survive in India. She threatens him to either speak himself or else she will as they need to him about her daughter and brother’s future. She encourages him to demand for a partnership in the business first.. Anuj and Anupama bring milk for them and stand speechless seeing their heated conversation. Ankush and Barkha get stunned seeing them.

Pakhi looks at Adhik’s phone on her mobile. Vanraj walks to her and spends time with her. Pakhi shows Youth festival pics to him and stops at Adhik’s picture, smitten by his handsomeness. Vanraj asks her to continue. Leela calls him, and he leaves.

Anuj and Anupama think why Barkha and Ankush were tensed. Ankush scolds Barkha for speaking loudly in open. Barkha says they should have respected other’s privacy and ays she didn’t like this house and will go and check other house’s interior work. Ankush says he likes this house though. She says he would obviously like it as its old like him and threatens to make an announcement tomorrow morning misusing the situation of Anuj and Anupama’s new marriage.

Vanraj asks Leela if she gave medicine to Hasmukh. She says she is confused and wonders how Anupama used to manage. She talks about the Anuj and Anupama’s pagphera ritual and decide to gift them sometime. Anuj and Anupama gets ready for the pagphera ritual and feel excited describing about the family values.

Precap: Barkha plans a party to announce Anuj’s return in Kapadia empire. Anuj says tomorrow he has pagphera ritual, so he cannot attend party. Leela feels happy seeing her name plate on the door.

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