Anupamaa : Toshu’s Condition Gets Critical!

Shahs fume after Leela Toshu’s unacceptable behavior. Leela says she doesn’t kind which sin she did that Toshu was born in their family. Samar says its a late night, he will go and check on Toshu once. Vanraj warns him not to. Toshu’s assistant runs in and informs that something happened to Toshu. Vanraj warns him to stop his drama and get out. Assistnat pleads him to come and see Toshu once as something really happened to him. Maaya asks Anupama if she loves her 3 children. Anupama says 4. Maaya says she can understand and must be sensing when her children are in trouble, even she used to get anxious whenever Little Anu used to fall ill. Anupama senses something has happened.

Shahs walk out of the house and find Toshu lying unconscious on road. Samar calls ambulance and shift him to hospital where doctors shift him to the ICU. Samar calls Anupama, but she keeps phone in silent mode and doesn’t pick his call. Leela and Hasmukh discuss that Toshu must have fallen unconscious due to weakness. Vanraj breaks down seeing Toshu’s condition.

Anupama feels uneasy and sits to have water when she notices Samar’s missed call and calls him back. She shatters after hearing about Toshu. Vanraj asks doctor what happened to his son. Doctor says he can only say anything after reports come, whatever has happened is really bad. Anupama wakes up Anuj and informs him that Toshu is in City Hospital.

Adhik goes to bring medicines for Toshu. Shahs break down Toshu’s condition. Vanraj tells Kinjal that she can go home if she wants to. Kinjal says how can she leave Toshu in this condition; though she is angry on him, she can’t see him like this. Anuj drives car towards hospital and assures Anupama that nothing will happen to Toshu. Anupama cries that she should have listened to her intuition and called Samar earlier. Vanraj cries hugging Hasmukh. Anupama reaches hospital and stands frozen seeing Toshu’s condition. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.. song plays in the background . She recalls Toshu’s childhood and repeats how did this happen. Vanraj says he never thought so much would change in a second, Toshu was fighting with him just some time ago and now doctor says his condition is serious.

Each family member express their concern for Toshu. Anupama stammers what happened to Toshu. Vanraj says they don’t know, doctors told they can only inform only after test results come. Leela blames Anupama for Toshu’s condition and curses her. Hasmukh asks her to stop. Anuj says he knows she is in a panic state, but as an elder she shouldn’t talk nonsense. Vanraj also requests Leela to stop. Leela continues to curse and blame Anupama for each mistake of Toshu.

Kavya says Leela blames Anupama for everything. Anupama says she can curse her but after Toshu gets well. Anuj comforts Vanraj and goes to talk to a specialist. Kavya asks Vanraj and Anupama to sit down. Vanraj and Anupama describes their love for their children in a long speech. Vanraj blames himself for cursing Toshu. Anupama says he wouldn’t have meant that. Anuj returns and says everything will he alright.

Precap: Little Anu takes Maaya to her school in her car while Anupama reaches in auto. Doctor informs Shahs that Toshu suffered a paralytic stroke. Anupama collapses hearing that.

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