Anupamaa: Vanraj Handover Divorce Notice to Kavya !

Anupama returns to family after her verbal debate with Kavya. Vanraj asks what happened. Anu says nothing and asks them all why they look so serious. She plays Baa’s favorite song Saath Samandar Paar Mai Tere.. song and make them all dance. Vanraj asks what did Kavya say. Kavya says its between her and Kavya. Kavya switches off music, irritating every one. She tells Baa and Bapuji that she wants to gift them something on their 50th wedding anniversary, returns property papers transferred back into Bapuji’s name, and says Anupama made her realize that family is everything, so she needs family’s happiness and V’s love. She apologizes everyone and asks Vanraj if he is happy now. Vanraj smiles. Anuj asks Anu if she is file. She says ye. He says Kavya spent a few minutes with her changed completely for good. Anu says Kavya loves Mr Shah and hence changed. He says she changed her. She says she can understand Kavya’s feeling like any woman and explains a woman’s fear in her in-laws’ house, etc. He says its good that her this house’s problem solved and she can concentrate on him, he means work and herself. She says she can visit her parents’ house freely now, she will even concentrate on their business. He pokes his finger in his eye by mistake. She scolds him and applies warm compressed from her sari. Baa calls Anu, and they disperse.

Baa thanks everyone for organizing their 50th wedding anniversary. Kavya taunts they got back their house as wedding gift, what else they need. Vanraj says she made his parents happy, so he wants to gift her something. She excitedly opens envelope and stands shocked. Vanraj gives an evil smile and asks how is his return gift. She says divorce. He shouts yes divorce, he was waiting for his parents’ wedding and its time to rebreak his wedding. She shouts if he has gone mad. He says he was mad to marry her and thankfully he realized his mistake soon; she can keep their house, bank balance, cafeteria, and car and sign these divorce papers. She says he cannot forcefully divorce her without any logic. He says where was her logic when she forcefully married her, marriage was her decision and divorce is his decision. She blames Anupama as usual and says provoked V against her. She whisks Anu and shouts how dare she is to provoke her husband. Anu says its her and her husband’s issue and she shouldn’t involve her. Kavya continues whisking Anu. Anuj warns her to dare not touch Anu. Kavya shouts if he will hit her.

Vanraj pulls her away and warns her not to blame Anu as its his decision. Kavya says they both planned all this, they became BFF and provoked her to do all this and now came up with this divorce drama. Vanraj warns her to shut up. Anu confronts her to stop blaming her as she has fallen into her own dug pit. Kavya continues shouting. Anuj warns her to dare touch Anu again. She asks what will he do. He warns that she didn’t see his anger yet, he will make sure that she suffer wherever she goes. She gets silent. Vanraj says this is how she understands things. She shouts she will not sign divorce papers and tears them. He grins, brings another copy, and says he has made multiple copies and she will be tired tearing them, so its better she sign them.

Precap: Kavya pleads Vanraj not to leave her.
She says their story ended here and walks away. Dolly requests Anu to speak to bhai once.

Update Credit to: MA

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