Anupamaa : Vanraj Warns & Threatens Kavya !

Anupama tells Anuj that she felt bad that he didn’t find her competent enough to inform her about Malvika; she shares all her problems with her, but he hides his problems within in; isn’t she competent enough that he can share his problems with him. Anuj say he wanted to inform her, but couldn’t. She asks he couldn’t inform a business partner, but why couldn’e he inform a friend; she gave him all rights of a friend, but he didn’t yet. He holds her hand and tries to explain when Malvika walks in and takes him away. GK informs Shah family that he couldn’t inform them about Malvika, he never thought she would return this way. Baa says they hid the truth that Anuj has a sister. GK says they didn’t know where she is. Mamaji jokes that she must be forgetting like him. Bapuji says one does this when he/she wants to forget purposefully.

Anu watches Anuj and Malvika’s sibling love standing far away. Vanraj walks to her and says even he was shocked to know that Malvika is Anuj’s sister, she doesn’t use surname or else he would have found out, anyways its good that they can do business peacefully now. Malvika then takes Anuj and GK home. Anuj asks Anu how will she reach home.

Malvika says she came with family and will go with them. Vanraj asks Anu if she is fine. She smilingly nods yes. Kavya taunts her that both her ex-husband and present boyfriend are just worried about their families, she must be feeling dejected. Anu replies that she feels proud that they care for their families when most men are worried about themselves. Kavya taunts back that Anuj has his sister to take care of him now, so she should go to her own house alone.

Shah family talks about Malvika. Mamaji asks why Malvika took away Anuj and GK. Samar says maybe she wants to chat with her brother as she met him after a long time. Baa expresses her concern about Anu that she may feel awkward with Malvika’s presence and Malvika may not like if they drop Anu to Anuj’s home. Toshu says he will not visit Anuj’s house as his sister has returned home.

Malvika sits nervously in backseat. GK jokes with her and then asks what did she do all these years. She says she traveled a lot and made many airhostess friends, asks when will they reach home. Anuj says in 5 minutes. They reach home. GK thinks her guilt kept her away from house for years. She lies on Anuj’s lap and asks him to wiggle his fingers in her hair like he used to do before. He does. She says she is very hungry and asks GK to get her bread and jam and goes to her room to change. Anuj gets worried for Anu and asks GK why didn’t she return home yet. Door bell rings and he opens door thinking Anu returned, but finds hotel staff with Malvika’s bag.

Vanraj waits for a taxi. Kavya taunts him, speaks ill about Malvika and Anupama, and then warns to stay away from Malvika. Vanraj warns her back that he doesn’t care about anyone now including her and is just focused on his career. Anu returns to her house and concerned for Anuj thinks if he had medicines or not. He enters and says he didn’t and says when door bell rang, he thought she came, but hotel staff came to return Malvika’s bag; why didn’t she come home. She says she doesn’t know.

Precap: Anuj tells Anu that he is her and Mukku’s sinner and cries leaning on her lap. Malvika with GK walks in and tells Anuj that she didn’t like him discussing their family issues with an outsider.

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