Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram saying I m fine. Priya says you are crying. He says I m scared for my family. She pacifies him. He asks can I say a secret to you, come close, I can’t impress you, its very tough. He rests on her shoulder. He says your hair look good when its loose. Nandini asks Shubham to get serious and focus on business, if anything happens to Ram, then we will come on the roads. He says don’t worry, Priya is taking care of him. Nandini says Ram will go away from us if he goes close to Priya, I don’t want their relation to blossom, I m worried that Priya is taking much care of him. Ram compliments Priya. She says you should sleep now, even your family would be complimenting you. He says they have pity for me, I m Nandini’s stepson, it was my dad’s wish to keep family united, I always kept the promise, mom showed a big heart, I was a little kid, she accepted me, she loved me and gave me a family.

Priya says you are the elder son, you have a right on love. He says no right, I got much more than my fate, I m scared, they can feel that I don’t love them like before. She says who will not love you. He says you, you hate me right, you didn’t wish to marry me. She says even you didn’t wish to marry me. He says no, I m very happy. She says even I m happy. He says you always scold me, I like to become a hero, it looks good if someone comes to thank, I make the family happy and feel I made my dad happy, I try to make Meera Maa happy. She says you did a lot for us already. He says but you aren’t happy. He says you never share your problems with me, why. She asks him to come and sleep. He says no, I have to go to temple. She says no. He says dad went with the file to the temple barefoot, I have to go now. She says you aren’t well. He says don’t know why dad left us, that day, if that accident didn’t happen, then dad would have taken the file to the temple for aarti, now I have to go for Shubham, else who will do this, don’t let me sleep, I will go to the temple. She recalls their moments.

She takes Ram to the room. She talks on call to Sara about Sandy and Shivi. Sara tells about Sid. She says we should explain Sandy. Priya says its not Sandy’s mistake. Sara asks her to explain Sandy once. Priya says fine. She sees the file and leaves. She thinks I have seen Ram in pain, he has a fear of losing his family, I don’t have a habit to take help, I can’t get helpless in front of everyone, I want to do something for you today. Adi comes and wakes up Ram. He says we have to go to the temple. Ram asks where is Priya. Adi says she would be in the washroom, come fast. Priya thinks Ram is like this bridge, standing alone, one can see the height but not the depth. Ram says yes, I will change and come. Adi says you look good, come. Ram says I will take the deal papers. He looks for the file. Priya thinks I m scared that you will also leave me and go, how will I get up if I fall down, its tough for me. Ram asks where did I keep the file. Adi says leave it, we will just pray, come fast. Priya thinks I don’t hate you, you want to become everyone’s hero, but I m not habitual to a hero’s rescue, I may fall weak in front of you. She cries and thinks we both have pain in us and hide it.

She reaches the temple. She goes to buy flowers. She says Lord doesn’t see the price, but feelings. Adi and Ram are on the way. Ram says I m not alone, Priya is with me, I didn’t party or work late, I have a headache because of medicines. Adi says Priya would have fought with you. Ram says no, I slept and got saved, make me reach the temple, till then I will sleep. Adi drives. The car breaks down. Ram says I will walk to the temple, its imp. Adi says wait, temple is away. Ram walks to the temple. Priya does the prayers. She prays that Ram gets peace, he always lived for others, how can he stay alone. She prays there.

Priya scolds the thief. Ram gets her bag and hears her scolding the thief. He thinks she did this for my sake. He asks mom, can Priya sit with me in the puja. Ram and Priya do the puja.

Update Credit to: Amena

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