Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th February 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Vedika saying it will be a big problem if Ram traces the number, I think Soods are really smart. Nandini says we will fix our mistake. Brinda comes to meet them. She says I thought to invite Shashi over lunch. Vedika asks why.

Brinda says communication is imp in every relation, its Ram’s idea, you never refuse to him, right. Ram says Shashi is coming on lunch. Vedika asks what’s the need. Police comes home. Inspector says I think that was just an accident. Ram says I thought someone did this deliberately, so I asked Adi to get investigations done. Inspector asks can I talk to your wife. Priya comes downstairs. Ram goes and Vedika gets a jerk. Brinda says Ram didn’t see you, did you get hurt.

Sara says Priya can walk, don’t worry. Ram takes Priya. Inspector questions Priya. He asks how did you reach at the accident spot. Priya sees Meera and worries. Adi asks who wants to become Ram’s new rival. Priya thinks shall I tell them what I heard.

Brinda asks why did you leave the party, tell us. Ram says she left because I shouted on her. He accepts his mistake. He says if I m wrong, then accuse me, Sarika threatened Shivi of the divorce, I vented anger on Priya, its not Priya’s mistake, Priya can never make a mistake, I was supporting Shivi, like Priya supported her brother, its my mistake, so sorry. He asks Inspector to help him.

Adi gives the phone. Ram says this phone is the root of all the problems, find out who is the culprit threatening us. Inspector says you are right, maybe its all connected. He goes. Ram says I promise you, I will find the solution. Brinda asks Vedika to have a good vibe now, Shashi is going to come. Sara says yes, right. Ram thinks I did wrong with Priya.

Priya says Ram thinks it happened because of his mistake. Sara says yes, he did wrong to not trust Akki, just hope that the police finds the culprit. Ram comes and knocks the door. Sara says I will help Priya and change the dressing. Ram asks what gift shall I get for you, Priya is saving my money. Sara laughs. He asks Priya to come for lunch. Ram holds Priya’s hand and looks at her. They go. Nandini asks Vedika what did she think. Vedika worries. Meera says we will go now. Brinda says no, have food and go. Adi jokes.


Shashi comes home and meets everyone. He asks Priya how are you now. Priya says okay. Ram says welcome home. Brinda asks Meera to lessen Shashi and Vedika’s distance, as she did for Akki and Shivi. Ram says give them time to talk. Adi says we know their love, Shashi should apologize. Shashi says I m sorry Vedika, I was wrong, I love you a lot, come home with me. Vedika scolds Brinda.

Ram asks what. Nandini asks Vedika to start. Vedika starts the drama and asks Priya what problem does he have if she stays here. Ram asks Priya what do you know. Shashi says nothing, what does Vedika want to prove. Vedika asks Priya to say. Priya says Vedika told me that Shashi beats her. They all ask what.

Vedika says I thought Priya won’t force me to go. Nandini says we won’t force you. Mami taunts Meera and Priya. Priya says Vedika came home to stay, I got to know about this matter on that day. Mami asks why did you hide this from us. Shashi says Vedika is lying. Mami asks him to shut up. She supports Vedika and does a drama. Ram thinks. Vedika cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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