Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Josh asking Raghav to say the truth. Prachi asks what was the need for this. Josh says he said you will like the poems, I want to know it from him, did he write the poems for Prachi, tell her that you love her. Prachi asks Raghav to say the truth. Raghav gets silent. She cries. Josh says his silence is his confession. Josh scolds Raghav for making Marisha pregnant and leaving her.

He says you destroyed Prachi and her trust, go out of here. He pushes Raghav. Raghav gets up. Police comes and arrests him. Raghav sees Prachi. She turns away. Mama ji says we don’t want Raghav to do anything wrong, take him away. He says I got his mum and Kapil also arrested, Raghav can’t do anything, Prachi’s marriage will happen well. Mami asks what will happen if Lakhan knows this. Mama says LK will thank me. Pihu says this is wrong, you have put Raghav in jail just because he likes Prachi.

Sid says we have done it right, Prachi is innocent. Prachi says don’t beat Raghav and his family, I know he did wrong Josh consoles Prachi and asks her to calm down. Pihu worries. Raghav is brought to the police station. He asks inspector to let his mum and brother go. Constable puts him in the cell. Neetu says leave my son, he didn’t do anything. Raghav says sorry, when we leave from jail tomorrow, we will leave this city. She asks him not to worry. They get freed from the jail.

Kapil asks how did police leave us so soon. Raghav says don’t know. The goons attack Raghav and beat him. Raghav and Kapil try to fight. Goons beat them. Neetu also falls. She shouts leave my sons. Its morning, Pihu and Raghav come. Everyone sees Raghav. He turns to go. Pihu gets him. Lakhan asks how dare you enter this house. She says I got him. He says I don’t want to see his face. Adi asks him to calm down. She says listen to me once. Lakhan argues.

He scolds Raghav and catches his collar. Raghav says please trust me, I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t see Prachi in a bad way, believe me. Lakhan says get out, I can’t tolerate you here. He pushes Raghav. He asks him to leave. Pihu holds Raghav. Raghav leaves. She asks is this your last decision, fine then, if he doesn’t stay here, then I will also go with him, he isn’t a bad guy, he already got much punished, don’t punish him, stop it. Monica says you are doing wrong,

Lakhan took the right decision for you, that guy had wrong intention for your sister. Pihu says Raghav is my friend, I know Raghav and Prachi, he didn’t do anything wrong, just because he doesn’t belong to rich family, you can’t scold him, you didn’t give him a chance to defend, I trust him, I will go with him, we will become something good and that day Lakhan will understand, he is doing so wrong. Lakhan asks Prachi to let Pihu go. He says she will get a reality check in one day, she just wants to go against me.

She says I trust Raghav, take care Prachi. Prachi says don’t leave me. Pihu says stop it, my decision is final. She goes. Adi says Angad is also going with Raghav, please stop them LK. Lakhan says they will come back, how can they go against the family, she doesn’t listen, I won’t leave Raghav, I will teach a lesson to him. He holds his heart. He falls down. Prachi gets shocked. Everyone worries for Lakhan.

Monica holds Lakhan’s hand. Angad says we will go together, how can I leave you both alone. Raghav asks Angad to think of Adi and Brinda. Angad says I told them already, nothing is imp than friendship, we are friends, we are together, we shouldn’t be awkward.

Adi says we should go now. Prachi asks Lakhan are you fine. He nods. Everyone worries for Lakhan. Monica says marriage is postponed now, LK should be fine now. Sid says LK had to get the attack today. Josh says its okay, Prachi is mine. Raghav says I lost everything. Pihu says don’t get emotional, we should get into fight mode, think of your mom and brother, what you want to do ahead. He says yes, you are right, I will never come back here. Prachi cries.

Josh says don’t worry, LK will get fine. She says everyone leaves me, I fell alone. He says I m here with you. She says promise me, you won’t leave me. He says of course, I promise. She says I love you Josh. He says I know, you are my family. She says you are my world. Josh thinks just I m here for Prachi, she will be dependent on me like I wanted. After three years, Prachi hears the radio. She thinks of Raghav. She thinks he was a cheat, having a secret feeling of love is wrong.

Prachi meets Raghav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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