Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sara saying Varun is behaving strange. Priya and Sara get shocked seeing the fish in the cave. Sara asks who is the masterchef. Shiva says its me, come, we will have it. Priya checks the fish recipe in between the cake recipe. She says I think Shiva has mixed fish curry in the chocolate cake, Ram will have anything made by Shivi. She rushes. Sara thinks I hope Varun isn’t doing anything wrong. The man takes Ram’s bags to keep in presidential suite. Varun takes the disguise to enter the room. Ram says cake looks amazing. Shivi says I know you are upset, because we don’t miss dad, its again your fault. Ram asks how. She says you gave us much love that we didn’t miss him, we never felt that he isn’t around us, I was too small when he left, I don’t remember, but I remember the time spent with you, you aren’t different that dad, you are dad for us, I really love you. Ram hugs her. Sara asks how will we stop Ram. Priya says none can stop him from having the cake now. Ram says I love you. Shivi says don’t make me cry. He asks who wrote the amazing emotional speech for you, its unbelievable. Shubham says we all love you. They hug.

Ram says we can cut the cake now. Shivi says I m so excited. Ram says me too. Shivi and Ram cut the cake. Priya says Ram can’t eat this. She runs to Shivi and says I will have the first bite, I have worked hard. Ram says but let me eat. Priya says I earned it. Sandy says I support Priya. Ram says support me sometimes. Meera says Shivi made it for Ram.

Priya eats the cake. Shivi asks how is it. Priya thinks its too bad. She signs its good. Shivi says I added love in it. Priya doesn’t let Ram eat it. Shubham says something is wrong. Akki says the chef. Priya says I will have this entire cake. She thinks sorry, Ram will fall ill, I won’t let Ram eat it, I won’t let Shivi eat that its too bad. Sara says we should help Priya, there is fish in the chocolate cake. Adi and Krish ask how. Sara says Shivi has put fish in the cake, Ram will fall sick if he eats it so Priya is finishing it. Adi asks why is she saying its yummy.

Sara says so that Shivi’s heart doesn’t get hurt. Adi says Ram, forget it, we have a bakery in the house. Ram says Shivi made it. Krish says Priya we have to go. Ram says I will eat this. Priya finishes the cake. Meera says she is too much. Ram says chocolate bit is tasty, my wife calls me foodie, see how she finished the cake. Shubham says thank God we got saved. Akki says so I call Priya our shield. Shivi says shut up, Priya had the cake because it was yummy. Priya says we should go now. Krish says you love Ram a lot, I have seen it today that people commit suicide in love. She says I m feeling sick. Sara says she had eaten a lot, I will take her. Priya feels nausea. She goes. Ram says I will talk to mom. Varun opens the cupboard. He unlocks the safe and gets the share transfer papers. He thinks to tell Shashi. Sara gets Priya there. she asks room service guys to go out. She scolds Priya. Varun thinks how will I take the papers out. He puts the papers in Sara’s bag. Sara asks him to send lemon water. Priya runs to vomit. Sara goes to everyone. She asks Adi to call the doctor, Priya is getting vomits. Sandy asks Ram what happens to heroine when she eats a lot, when she has mood swings, hero becomes dad. Ram says baby will call her mumma and call me dad. Shivi says congrats. Nandini is shocked. Sara says don’t say anything wrong, she is puking because of the cake. Shivi says I agree, I should have not made the yummy cake. Adi says doctor is coming. Krish says stomach can get upset. Shivi says Ram can digest anything. Varun sees Sara and says I will handle your bag, give it to me. She says its okay. He thinks to take the papers from her. He gets Shashi’s message that they have to reach the manager first. Ishaan comes and says sorry, Priya got unwell because of me, I had mixed Shivi’s recipe pages, don’t know how will she go to meet the resort head manager, I had heard her talking to that uncle, San… Varun asks Santosh. Ishaan says yes. Varun says you did wrong. Ishaan says sorry. Varun says don’t worry, Priya will be fine soon, I m going to get medicines for her. Ishaan hugs him. He says thanks, you always save me. He goes.

Ram asks Priya are you fine, have the icecream, you will feel better. Priya thanks him. He says thanks for bringing happiness in my life, sit, I try hard to show care and make you feel special, I always lose, I will care for you. She asks for pill to control nausea. He says I can’t give the pills, you are saying this, you are ahead of me. She says I m just asking for medicines, I m feeling strange like I will die. He says no, I m with you, everything will be normal. She says I behaved abnormal, you got so worried, Shivi made the cake and I had it. He says its okay, we all got happy, it’s a great day. She thinks he is excited for Ishaan’s announcement. She says I like to see your bonding with Ishaan, he says you are his cool friend, don’t say that you will become a cool dad. Ram thinks its confirmed that I m going to become dad. He say you should have told this to me first, we shall go and announce it. She says checkup isn’t imp, we will go and make the announcement, Meera, Sara and Ishaan will be happy. Ram asks are we sure of this. Priya says I was thinking, you did this, it will be successful. He murmurs sometimes she gets too bold. He smiles and goes. She thinks why is he so excited. Ram says I have an announcement to make, Priya is pregnant. Priya is shocked.

Shashi is with Varun. Santosh tells Ram about Virender making the resort illegally. He says your dad is a big criminal. Ram shouts on him.


Update Credit to: Amena

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