Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with the old lady telling Priya the recipe and helping her make the cake. Priya asks how did you get this recipe. The lady says I used to make this for my kids, one day a man’s car broke down, he liked the cake and used to take it for his kids, you are also making it for his son. Priya says he has grown up now. She shows Ram’s pic. Sara praises Ram. Priya smiles.

Ram says Priya doesn’t care for my birthday. The lady asks do you know making a cake in cooker. Priya says yes, my mum used to teach us everything. Sara says mum used to give coupons to us instead gifts. Priya says we used to have hope in that coupons. The lady asks Priya to decorate gems and chocolates on the cake. Priya thanks her. She thinks its a big surprise for Ram. Sara thinks Vedika can never steal Priya’s happiness.

Mami wishes Ram happy birthday. She compliments. Ram asks are you all ready. Mami says yes, where is Priya, didn’t she call you. He says maybe she is busy. She says you enjoy the party, Vedika arranged the party just for you, look, she looks lovely. Vedika comes. Ram sees her and thinks of Priya. Mami smiles and thinks Nandini knows Ram well. Vedika asks shall we go. Ram says yes.

Mami says Nandini asked you to talk to Neeraj. Vedika says its done, do not worry. Mami wishes her all the best. Sara and Priya are on the way. Sara says you did the best for Ram, you won his heart. Priya says I know he will be very happy seeing this. She thinks I hope you like it. She calls Sandy. Sandy asks Priya not to look boring today. Sara says I made Priya ready. Priya says make me a doll. Sandy asks did you find out Anjali.

Priya says no, we dropped a message for her. Ram says we will focus on Ram’s birthday today, did the lady gave you the cake. Priya says no, she made me make it. Sandy says wow, you are the best. Priya asks driver to drive slow, her cake will get spoiled. Sara jokes and smiles. She thinks Vedika can never come between you and Ram. Priya says I hope Vedika did arrangements well. Sara thinks Vedika did all this drama. Ram sees the arrangements. Vedika says I hope you like this. He asks did you do this alone. She says your Vedu also does things for you from heart. He says its amazing. He thinks Vedika did a lot, Priya doesn’t care, its okay. She asks him to come. Neeraj comes and smiles.

Everyone wishes Ram. Vedika says happiness is incomplete without friends. Maitri comes and wishes Ram. She says I m okay, Neeraj has some work, he will come. Vedika says no, he isn’t at office today. Maitri says he isn’t at home since morning. Vedika says I called the bank, manager said he isn’t at office. Ram says maybe he went for some meeting. Maitri goes. Vedika says Neeraj told me that he is with Priya, I didn’t tell this to Maitri, Neeraj should know he is wrong, we can’t blame Priya, she is sensible. Ram says yes. He goes. Vedika thinks our plan is working, Nandini aunty.

Adi and everyone hug Ram and wish. Ram thinks Vedika organized a big party, Priya didn’t do anything. Sara and Priya come. Sara says I will keep this cake in the fridge, you go. Neeraj thinks my entry happens here. Ram sees Priya coming. He smiles. Neeraj comes and says your 100rs, you paid extra to the cab driver. She says thanks. Ram gets angry seeing them. He goes. She thinks you will see the cake and know that I planned this surprise party for you.

Sara comes and asks did you talk to Ram, I kept the cake in the fridge. Vedika says I would like to raise a toast for Ram. Ram says its my birthday, I want to thank you all, you are my life, not just friends, thanks for making my birthday special, I want to thank the person who did this planning for my happiness, Vedu. Priya gets shocked. Ram says thanks Vedika. Vedika smiles. Sara thinks I thought Ram and Priya will get close, Vedika took the credit, she won, Priya is left alone. Ram says I don’t like to celebrate my birthdays, but Vedu did a lot from her heart, thanks.

Sara says how did Vedika come in between. Ram says I have to thank others, who are busy in their lives and still came, thanks, cheers. Ram thinks Priya was with Neeraj all day, why is she so bitter, she doesn’t understand me. Priya goes. The lady compliments Vedika and Ram. Kunal asks Vedika about Shashi, didn’t he come. Adi asks Ram to come with him. Vedika thinks where did Brinda go, I played my move, I created a misunderstanding between Ram and Priya, Priya will know that Ram just loves me. Priya says don’t take his side, he ignored me. Sara says Vedika took all the praise, can’t she say you did this.

Priya says its not her mistake, Ram is doing this, because I said I will return the shares, I had a reason, I told him that I will tell him later, he had to vent anger. Sara says Vedika took all the credit, Ram thinks she did all this. Priya says I don’t care for the credit, I just want Ram to understand me, why I do things, he should come and talk to me not behave kiddish, if he can’t see what he is for me.

Sara says she wanted to celebrate birthday with this memory. Ram sees the cake. Ram goes to apologize to Priya. She asks are you in love. They dance on the stage. Ishq hua hai…play…

Update Credit to: Amena

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