Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sid and Shubham arguing. Sid says we can do something in our way. Shubham says yes, we will teach him a big lesson. Sid asks him to come. Priya comes to Ram. She asks are you thinking of Lakhan. Ram says its all a mess, I m lost. She says who knows, its destined that they come in our lives. He says you are talking like my mom. She says Lakhan’s mom might have reminded you of your mom. He says don’t know, I was helpless to support him because of her, he is wrong. She pacifies him. She says Meera loves you more than me. He says I like this Priya.

He says I m sorry, I feel angry thinking of that man, my mum gives me peace. Priya says I knew it, it’s a chance to get some answers. She asks what had happened to mum, how did she leave, sorry, I didn’t want to upset you, its okay if you don’t want to say. He says no, you have a right to know. He says I remember that night when I wasn’t able to breathe due to smoke, I had an asthma attack, I was waiting for my mum, she used to make kada for me, dad made it for me, he said mum isn’t well, next morning, dad told me that mum isn’t alive, I don’t know what happened and how.

She asks did you see her body, I m sorry, did you … He says dad told me to not go out, I met Nandini for the first time, dad went for the funeral. Priya thinks why did his dad lie to him, I have to find these answers first. Pihu says its your marriage, we should have fun. Priya says yes, your dad is boring. He says I m becoming like your mum. Pihu says we will become a happy family tomorrow. She reads a speech for them. She says I love you both. They say we love you too and hug her. Sara gets the haldi. Pihu says I have called Meera for the gathbandhan. Priya thinks I will call Swati to do it. They play with haldi. Bade acchhe..plays… They laugh.

Sara asks Pihu about the speech. Pihu says I told that from my heart. Sara says my lovely kid. Pihu says I love them a lot, I want to see them happy, I will keep my sister happy. Brinda comes and wishes Ram. Ram says even death can’t separate Priya and me. She asks him not to say this. Ram says sorry, I m feeling emotional. She says Adi cried a lot before marriage. Adi jokes. Ram asks her to take Priya’s responsibility. She asks him not to worry, Priya is her responsibility. Meera comes to call Priya. She says where is Priya. Priya calls Swati and asks her to come to Sood house for her son’s sake.

Lakhan hears this. He says why does Priya want to meet mum, where is she. He gets Swati’s letter. He says this is happening because of Ram and Priya. He gets Priya’s location. He says I swear, I won’t leave them, they will be responsible for this. Brinda worries for Priya. Ram hears Adi and Brinda talking and asks is Priya not here. Adi and Brinda cover up. Ram hugs Adi and goes. Sara asks where is Priya. Brinda says I don’t know. Sara says I feel scared. Lakhan comes to meet Priya and gets angry. He helps Priya. He says I m not that bad. She says I know, but anyone can misunderstand, why did you come, I had called Swati here. He asks why did you call her here. They argue.

Lakhan confronts Swati about Ram. Ram and Priya are getting married.

Update Credit to: Amena

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