Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 13th April 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Nandini saying really, we won the case. Ram says finally, you got the land. She says it was Virender’s last wish. Ram says I can do anything for you, its not much. She asks why do you look worried. He says its Shashi’s dad after all this. She asks what, don’t worry, everything is fine, we won the case, I was thinking something. He asks her to say. She says I was thinking to name this land to Akki and Shivi, then Akki can open a gym there, if its okay. He says it’s a very nice thought, great, we shall do this. She says sorry to disturb you, do your work, I will go. He asks do you also think that land seize and the accident happening on the same date is a coincidence or not. Priya and Sandy check the cctv footage. Priya says he already knew that Ram is coming here, he is hiding face, maybe he knows the cameras position also, he looks very dangerous. She thinks if he had come with planning, then he would have come to harm Ram. Ram thinks of the accident date.

He gets a message from that man. He writes I will send the location, can you meet. Ram replies lets meet. The man says you won’t get spared of me, Ram. He leaves. Priya worries. She says who can that man be, Ram is so careless. Priya talks to Sara. Sara says Ram told me that he has a meeting here, whose bike is this. She asks whose bike is this. Priya recalls the cctv footage and checks the number. She asks Sara about the number. Sara tells the same number. Priya says it’s the bike of the same man. Sara asks what shall I do now. Priya worries. She says what’s happening, why did Ram go there. She calls him.

Shubham comes to meet Ram. Adi says he isn’t here. Shubham argues with him. He says I can’t wait for Priya’s approval for 5 lakhs. He goes angrily. He stops Priya and asks her to sign the company cheques. She says I have some work. He asks her to tell Ram that she has no time for signing a small amount cheque. He says it’s a small amount for my business, its none of your business. She says I should know. Shubham says its not a big amount. Adi says yes. Shubham says I value 5 lakhs as toilet paper, Ram gives salary to many people, Adi tell her about your salary. She says say sorry, you apologize to Adi, then I will sign the cheque. She goes. Adi also goes. Ram comes to the bakery. The man says don’t move. Ram says as you say, Krish Dixit. Krish says you found my name, it was okay, how shall I believe that you don’t have a recording device. Ram says I m not any of your old targets, Krish, private investigator, who target rich people, shall I tell more about you, I know you are working on this case since a long time. Krish says right and impressive too.

Ram says Priya says I don’t remember the staff’s names, I do good work, I don’t have meeting with anyone who don’t matter, tell me, how will you help me in dad’s case. Krish says if you were a girl, then I would say I love you. Ram says I m glad that I m not that, you called me to my bakery. Krish says it doesn’t belong to Kapoors. Ram says I belong here, you better try the cupcakes. Priya calls the bakery. Krish is on call. He answers the call and keeps the receiver aside. He talks on other call. She hears this and gets worried. She calls Adi. She comes to the bakery and hears Krish talking on call. She goes and hits him. Ram comes. Krish asks what are you doing. She says he was attacking you. She sees Krish and identifies him. Ram says you know each other, how. Priya says same college. Ram says I will take you to the clinic. She says I will take him. Krish says I was not planning the kidnapping or murder. She says I will take him, you handle the police, I asked Adi to get the police. She takes him to the clinic. He gets the aid. He says I m following this case since 15 years, I used to work for a newspaper, you know right. She says no. He says you won’t know, everyone knew about her in college.

Ram says Priya knew him, I m sure she didn’t make any friends in college, but she knew his name. Adi, Vikrant and Kunal give their advice to Ram. Adi says you are asking Krish to open the case. Nurse says you are fine now. Krish asks did my bone break. Priya says no. She says you came to meet Ram, I thought something is wrong. Sandy asks why do you think that Ram’s dad didn’t meet with an accident. He says nothing exists like an accident, I always had an eye on this case, I got to know the coincidences, its actually planted. Priya asks Sandy to prepare discharge papers. She says Ram had lost his dad in this accident, he loved him a lot, his entire life changed, don’t give him a false hope.

Mahender talks to someone. Sara meets her husband. Priya says you can come if you want, else you can refuse. Ram comes and requests the man.

Update Credit to: Amena

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