Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Prachi thinking I handle business with dad, Josh supported me and didn’t let me break, I love him a lot, he has filled Pihu’s place, I didn’t know when did he become my life’s most imp part, I can’t live without him. Lakhan comes and asks are you ready. She says yes. She drives him to office. He says he has changed a lot, he was strict before, now we have a loving relationship, he depends on me, I got my love and rights, I got my dad, I love him and he loves her. Monica asks what will our princess wear tonight. Prachi says my mom has the best choice.

Lakhan says I m an ideal husband, I will wear what my wife wants. Monica says come home and then we will see. Prachi thinks we have become a strong family now. She smiles. They come to office. Prachi gets Monica’s call. Monica says just get Lakhan home on time, he will get late for dinner and have acidity problem. Prachi says fine, I will get him soon. She thinks Lakhan is one of the top architects, we are going to get a big project, then everything will be amazing, I should be happy, I got what I wanted, a happy family life.

Lakhan gets coffee for her. She thanks him. He thinks I have everything but an emptiness, I don’t know who is missing. She sees Josh. She thinks I love him a lot, when he smiles, time stands still, I wish to just see him, I feel proud of him, he is just mine. Lakhan asks Josh are you sure, will you go and handle the meeting alone.

Josh says yes, I will get this project, don’t worry, I know an architect is a right hand for a builder, you got the best man for the job. Lakhan says I like your confidence, but don’t get overconfident. Josh says trust me, we will bag this project. He burns his hand by the hot coffee cup. Vikrant asks him to stay calm.

Lakhan says we will cover the losses. Josh says I will leave you, see you with the contract. He goes. Vikrant says he has changed, since we signed the partnership, his relation is still same with Prachi, we thought they will get married, when will he propose her for marriage. Lakhan says relax, I will talk to Josh about marriage tonight.

He sees Prachi and says she has changed me, I realized Monica’s importance in Prachi’s sangeet function. Vikrant says yes, your personal life got fine and we will get this project also. Prachi says its imp meeting for Josh. She goes to Josh and helps him. She wishes him all the best. He leaves. Lakhan comes. She asks why are you in tension, Josh will manage, I m sure we will get this contract, its late, did you take your medicines, Monica called and said dinner should be on time. He smiles.

Josh meets Samaira Malhotra. They argue about the project. He says we should work together. She says you are engaged and you are flirting a lot. He says engagement can break, I m not married yet. The man says thanks everyone for submitting good applications, but this project goes to a new firm, ARP, they aren’t from Mumbai. Josh says find out about them.

The man says their pics aren’t on net. Josh asks how can you give the project to ARP. The man praises ARP and thanks them for coming. Samaira says fate is with ARP, better luck next time. Josh asks who is this ARP. Monica asks Lakhan to eat less food. They play games, and have dinner. He says I m very happy in life, don’t see my appetite.

She says your company isn’t going well, you are celebrating. He says life is going good, I m celebrating, suppose my company gets shut and I turn poor, will you leave me. She says I have to think about it, I will be with you. Prachi says I m going.

Monica says even a bad relation can get better if there is love and integrity. He says right. She says he didn’t love me when we got married, when he accepted me by heart, he started the relation with love and faith, where is Josh, I hope he does the same.

Prachi says he isn’t attending my calls. Lakhan says call him. She calls Josh. He says I m coming, don’t call me again and again. She says we are waiting. She says he is coming, we will play the game. Josh comes. He says we didn’t get the contract, some ARP architects got it. Prachi and Lakhan say its fine, chill, we will talk about it later. Josh argues and says you know my designs were perfect, I will find out. Prachi says its okay, I ordered your fav sushi. Josh says I lost a big project and you are thinking of food.

Lakhan says don’t worry, we are partners, trust me, love and family are the most imp, I want to talk about Prachi and your marriage. Josh asks is this the right time. He orders single malt. Lakhan says you are driving. Josh says yes, get a sushi. Lakhan and Monica are on the way. She says I don’t think Josh is interested in marrying Prachi.

Lakhan says we will talk to Prachi and call off the engagement. She says no, Prachi is crazily in love with him, you know love is so painful, Prachi is not going to listen to you, Josh will give her excuse and she will believe his lies. Josh says sorry Prachi, I lost a big project and your dad is talking of marriage. Prachi asks are you interested in marrying me. He says don’t start now, marriage will happen some day.

Lakhan says Josh doesn’t love Prachi. Josh and Prachi talk about ARP.

Update Credit to: Amena

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