Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Priya deciding her clothes. Ram comes and keeps the gift for her. He thinks to run away fast. She sees him and asks what are you doing, why are you coming this way. He argues. She says I didn’t say anything. He says I will stay silent, people gift each other on diwali, you are weird, you are fighting. He says I came to give the gift, you would scold me. She says its your mistake, you are scolding yourself, thanks. She sees the dress. He says wrong, you are right, and I m wrong. She gives him medicines.

She says I also got a gift for you, I will give it without taunt. She gets a kerchief and says NGO kids make this. He says wow, such a phool… She says its fine. He says it suits me. She says come to the bakery tomorrow, we keep the kids’ stall there. He says okay, we will shop there, I will meet Meera also. He goes. Nandini welcomes Sid, Shashi and Vedika home. Vedika says what a beautiful decoration. Nandini compliments Shashi. Shashi says we are one family, its good, Ram’s work burden will get less. She says yes, I worry for him. Vedika says Ram shouldn’t have any problem to share his business with Shashi. Shashi says Ram never refuses to Vedika. Ram comes. Vedika asks what did you wear. Nandini asks why so simple pocket square. Shashi asks are you fine. Ram says yes, I m okay. He goes.

Akki and family come home. Sara says Priya ordered that pocket square. Brinda says we should put this on social media. Sid hugs Shubham. Sandy greets them. Shivi looks on. Akki asks her why is she behaving like she is jealous. She says Sandy… Shubham says tell everything after signing the deal. Meera wishes Nandini. Nandini says this is Priya’s house also. Meera says congrats to Shubham also, I wish he succeeds. Nandini says yes, business is in his blood, explain Ram to focus on his health.

Meera calls out Ram. Ram greets her. She blesses him. She asks him to not trouble his mum. He says I don’t, I will become sensible, I promise. Priya comes downstairs. Ram looks at her. Sara says I think her husband bought this dress for her. Ram says I couldn’t go to do the puja and keep the tradition, but Priya went there and took the blessings. Meera smiles. Nandini says wow, she did it amazingly. Ram says I sit with you every year for diwali puja, can I sit with Priya, if you don’t mind. She says of course, she is your wife, she should sit with you. Ram asks Priya to come. Ram and Priya sit in the puja. Ram prays for Shubham and Sid. Priya prays for Ram. Ram gives the file to Shubham and says its your responsibility now.

Shashi says congrats, finally. He hugs them. Ram says I have to make an announcement, its a big day for me, Shubham has become the owner of a business now, when dad left and I had to handle business, I felt I was alone, my friends and family didn’t let me feel alone, I didn’t pray for myself, I prayed for my small world, I don’t want anything else, I m completing this work today, I m making Priya a 5% share holder in their business. Everyone gets shocked.

Ram says Priya you are my life partner and also in business, you are right, we are nothing alone, we are us now. They all clap. Priya thinks I told that for his friends, why on my name. Ram says I know Shubham is short tempered, but loves his family a lot, I expect Shubham to work hard, Priya will be a dormant partner, she is a teacher, be careful. He says Priya you took the file to the temple, thanks. Meera says I can’t understand business, I want to tell you something, I taught my daughters to be independent, they are married now but still independent, Ram we don’t need any share, we want 100% of your love. Nandini says Ram is right, Priya is our house Laxmi, she should get the share. Ram says its Priya’s right, I will get scolding for deciding this alone.

Priya cries and says I don’t want your help. Ram says I m your husband, I m taking good care of you. Vedika hears Sid’s plan. Nandini asks Ram and Priya to have a nice time at the hotel.

Update Credit to: Amena

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