Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Krish taking a drink and saying much has changed in five years. The boys drink. Krish asks what’s this. Vikrant says Adi’s special. Ram asks did you get drunk. Krish says no. they take another glass. Adi says Krish got this one. Shubham comes and says we will have some fun, I m sure Sara would be enjoying there, one man is here who would know it all.

Krish asks who would tell me. Ram and Krish sit to have drinks. Ram says you would know about the party, you are always with them. Krish says right, I m with Priya and Pihu, Brinda is my wife and Sara is my fiancée, right. Ram laughs. He says you are a detective. Krish says yes, I can clearly see that you are trying to steal Pihu from me. Ram says no one felt that Pihu will come close to me, I do what I think. Adi says my plan is working. Shubham asks did you keep the party to keep an eye on them. Adi gets a message.

He says now it will be fun. He blows the horn. Ram and Krish drink and bond. Krish says Pihu doesn’t like you, but… Ram says Priya didn’t like me in starting, then I made a place in her heart like I won Pihu’s heart, then you came in between. Krish says no, you lose and still win, Pihu is your daughter. Adi blows horn. Ram asks what did you say, Krish. Adi shows the video. Ram says it means my suit is stolen, she has worn it, detective find out. Krish says I will find out. Vikrant says Ram and Krish became friends, its amazing. They leave.

They come to Sood house. They enter through the balcony. They see the ladies dressed as them and dancing on battameez dil… Priya comes there wearing Ram’s suit. She asks who has switched off the music, tell me, else I will fire you. Ram looks at her. She acts like Ram. All the ladies stay in their character. Pihu jokes. Priya dances with them. Shubham and Adi stop Ram from going in. Ram runs inside. He sees Priya. Bade acche…plays…

He dances with Brinda. Adi and everyone come. Ram says this is my suit. Priya says sorry, I will dryclean and return, Pihu insisted so… Sara says Ram, Brinda as worn Adi’s clothes, because he is her husband, I have worn Vikrant’s clothes, because he is my fiancé, why did Priya wear your clothes. Ram says you should ask Priya. He goes. Vikrant asks Sara to talk to Priya, its imp. Sara says no. Brinda asks what. They lie. Vikrant leaves.

Brinda says I will say bye to Priya and Pihu. Pihu gets upset. Priya comes and tries to cheer her. Ram thinks I m far more stylish than Krish, so Priya has worn my clothes, I will ask her. Pihu says you made fun of me. Priya asks when. Pihu says you had to act like Ram, why did you act like me.

Priya asks when did I act like you. Pihu says I take medicines and asked for filter water. Priya says I was acting like Ram. Brinda hears them and goes. Adi asks did you say bye to them. She says yes. Adi asks her to come. Ram comes. Brinda says Pihu slept. Ram leaves. Brinda thinks Ram and Pihu are same, does this mean..

Priya says you said we will make fun of Ram, it will be funny, you feel bad if I make fun of you, its not fair. Pihu says you liked it. Priya says no, I m not lying. Pihu says I do all those things, he copies me. Priya says fine, I was showing you how it looks when he copies you. Sara comes. Pihu goes to have something. Sara asks shall we tell Ram that Pihu is his daughter.

Brinda says Ram and Pihu have many similarities. She asks Vikrant what do you think. He worries. Priya says we decided that we won’t tell Ram. Sara says calm down, Ram and Pihu like each other, they don’t fight, Vikrant told me that Ram likes Pihu. Priya asks what, did you tell Vikrant, tell me. Vikrant says I swear, I don’t know. Brinda says I just asked you. He says I m drunk, I will rest. She recalls Ram and Pihu’s words.

Priya says we won’t talk about this again. Sara says fine, tell me one thing, why. Priya cries. Brinda sees Ram and Pihu’s video. She says their fav song is also same, how. She asks Adi to sleep. She recalls Priya’s words. She says something is strange, can this happen that she lied to us about Pihu, but why, what’s the reason. Ishaan replies to the blackmailer and asks for not harming Priya. He gets the blackmailer’s message. He thanks Krish for coming. Krish says your plan will make us reach the blackmailer.

Ishaan says yes, we will fight, not get scared. Priya says if Ram knows this truth, then he will accept us, he will remember Shivi’s accident and get hurt, I m selfish about Pihu, I don’t want her to get cursed, you don’t know that Nandini threatened me, if I tell Pihu’s truth to Ram, then she will tell Pihu my truth, that I went to jail. Sara is shocked. Priya says its better for everyone that Ram doesn’t know Pihu’s truth.

Shubham finds Ram with Pihu. Priya blames Nandini for the lie. Ram says I can prove you wrong. He takes the pills.

Update Credit to: Amena

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